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Walt Disney World Day 4 Report

Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off the morning heading to the Mill for breakfast and then hopped on a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  Wandered out to the Safari and grabbed a Fastpass, noticed there was no real line, so decided to go on (about a 5 minute wait only).  After our Safari took the train out to Conservation Station and roamed around there for a bit.  Once back in Africa headed for the Tree of Life Gardens and wandered around the tree taking some pictures.  Walked into Dinoland and then out past Everest.  Spent some time hanging around Asia then went to see Flights of Wonder.  After the show headed for the resort busses and went over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for lunch at the Mara.  After lunch explored the resort a bit and then hopped a bus to the Magic Kingdom.  Some headed to the room to rest, the others headed over to the Contemporary with me.  Spent some time resting in the main concourse and then went out to the end of the dock to watch the shuttle launch.  After the launch went back inside and took the monorail around to the park.   Caught the Volunteers Cavalcade and then hopped on the train to Toontown.  Took a bunch of pictures around Toontown and ended up in Tomorrowland.  Grabbed an ICEE and then went for a spin on the People Mover (sorry TTA).  Once back hopped on the Carousel of Progress.  After the show roamed out to Main Street and through some shops.  Met up with the rest of our group at the boat dock around 5:00pm and headed over to Fort Wilderness.  They were setting up for the Iron Man competition this weekend.  We walked around a bit then ate dinner at Trailsend.  After dinner hopped on a bus to the Outpost and then transferred to a Downtown Disney one.  Exited the bus at the Marketplace and worked out way through the stores and around to Pleasure Island and eventually the West Side.  Took the boat back to the Marketplace and then one back to the Riverside from there.  Headed to the room to call it a night.

Notes: This trip we took advantage of the free Dining Plan Promotion Disney had. So we had a standard DD plan.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Spent a great morning roaming around the Animal Kingdom with no real crowds in the park. So far we have lucked out crowd (and weather wise) this trip. We are expecting heavier crowds over the weekend though, but for now we enjoyed the quiet parks.

  • As we were roaming around Animal Kingdom looking for lunch the group wanted something slightly different but still a counter service/quick service meal for the meal plan. I suggested the Mara over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was close and the food was not all your regular fast food fair. We did go over and everyone enjoyed their meals.

  • We headed out to the far dock at the Contemporary to watch the Space Shuttle launch. We saw a night launch from here a couple of years ago and it was a great view. There was a healthy crowd in the area waiting for the launch (as well as the Grand Floridian Yacht). We were not disappointed and the launch was great (not as good as the night one, but still great) and of course my photos are equally not as good since I kept wanting to watch instead of play photographer.

  • As we were entering the Magic Kingdom and heading up to the train the Volunteer Cavalcade stepped off. The music is the same as Disneyland's but they re-use the car from the Stars and Cars motorcade instead of a new float like the west coast version has.

  • Took the train out to Toontown, from the train you can see some of the land that is cleared for the Fantasyland work (through the trees). Looks like there is quite a bit of space for the expansion. I then spent some time roaming around Toontown since odds are it will be gone by my next visit (or soon after).

  • Fort Wilderness was alive with activity for the upcoming Ironman race. They had a registration area, mini fair, and more set up. It was a challenge to get around to the stable area but interesting to see all the activity. (Kind of funny since I billed this as a relaxing dinner and the atmosphere at the campgrounds is usually so calm).

  • We ate at the Trails End and dinner was great as usual. For those that have not eaten there you may want to give it a try. The atmosphere is casual and the food all comfort foods for the most part. Also as far as Disney prices go its a decent deal.

  • After dinner we headed over to Downtown Disney. It did not dawn on us until we were halfway there that it was Friday night. We were pleasantly surprised that the atmosphere was busy, but not really crazy as we had envisioned. Wonder if this has to do with the time of year, the closing of the Nightclubs, or just dumb luck on our part?

  • We watched a few minutes of the The Celebrate Today party/event? This happens several times a night and consists of some dancers and stilt walkers. Overall not really impressed with the show and most of the crowd seemed not too interested either.

  • After roaming around we decided to take the boat back to the Riverside... what a mistake. The line was fairly long and we figured we would get on the second boat in. Turned out to be the third and while waiting there were quite a few bugs flying around (go figure you are on a boat dock in Florida after dark... any ways of course we all got bit).

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