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Walt Disney World Day 3 Report

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off the morning heading to the Mill for a light breakfast around 8am then hopped a bus to EPCOT.  We arrived a few minutes before the rope drop.  We hiked out to Soarin with the mob and grabbed Fastpasses.   Then circled around to the Seas with Nemo.  Walked around a bit then stopped by Turtle Talk.  After the show headed back to the Land and went on the Living with the Land boat ride followed by Soarin’ using our Fastpasses.    Next up a Journey into Imagination followed by a stop in Innoventions to play the trash game.  Decided to grab some lunch at the Electric Umbrella and then we strolled out to World Showcase.  Stopped by Mexico for the boat ride, walked through Norway (some road the attraction), watched the film in China, strolled through Germany and Italy and ended up at the American Adventure.  Took in a Voices of Liberty show then the American Adventure show.  Afterwards wandered through Japan and stopped by France to see the film.  Decided it was time to head for the park entrance.  Along the way stopped by Innoventions to have our picture taken (for the free Disney visa one) and then out to the monorail to the TTC.  Transferred to the Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat and then the launch to the Grand Floridian.  We were still a bit early for dinner so did a loop of the Grand Floridian lobby then headed back to Narcoossees.  After dinner headed for the resort monorail and took it around to the TTC and transferred to the EPCOT line.  Stopped to pick up our free picture then wandered out to Mission Space and road the Green team followed by a quick single rider walk on of Test Track.  Had 10 minutes till Illuminations so found a spot just as the show was about to begin.  After the show joined the masses and headed for the busses and back to the resort to call it a night.

Notes: This trip we took advantage of the free Dining Plan Promotion Disney had. So we had a standard DD plan.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Started off the morning quickly signing online to get something done for work. Setting up a network connection in your room is quite easy.. just like most resorts now a days. You plug in a cable, agree to the terms, and they bill your room (currently $9.95).

  • Our first stop of the day was EPCOT and we joined the masses on the measured walk to grab Soarin Fastpasses. Disney had many CMs from the attraction on hand to keep the herd in line and moving at a moderate pace. This was great to see, hard to photograph from in the middle though.

  • We returned later in the morning to use our Fastpass and witnessed a minor medical problem. Someone in line a couple dozen people up had a problem, looked like they passed out. The people around gave them some room and called for a CM. They quickly looked at the situation and called for help. In about 5 minutes or so a park nurse and several managers showed up, I thought it was a quick and measured response from Disney.

  • The new gift shop structure in front of China looks great and like it has been there forever. The construction on the new Mexican restaurant along the water - Hacienda de San Angel is moving along, you really cannot see much with the new Italian one so no comment on its status. Both are slated to be open by year end I believe.

  • Happened to walk through Innoventions and saw the Disney Visa Meet and Greet was open so stopped by for some pictures with the characters and the free print. For those that do not know if you are a card holder you can come during a time slot in the afternoon and get a free 5x7 picture as well as some face time with the Disney characters with a short wait usually.

  • We ate dinner at Narcoosees and it was great as usual. Still do not know how they can call the bread sour dough.. it is good, but not sour dough...

  • After dinner it was back to EPCOT. We had some time so walked on Mission Space and then the single rider line for Test Track and made it through both and out to Illuminations in under 30 minutes.

  • For Illuminations they had a larger than usual portion of the viewing area reserved for some event but the weird thing was no one was around, even at show time. So not sure if was for after the show or they were just late. But it seemed odd to have some nice viewing locations roped off for dessert trays.

  • When we returned back to our room for the evening we found a note on the bed saying there was a black bear spotted near Port Orleans and that we should be alert and if we see anything to call security. Funny thing was two of our group decided to go for a walk along the river on the way back to the room. We called them and they ended up cutting the walk a bit short instead opting for a day time one later in the trip.

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