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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trip Log:

Started off our last morning packing up the suitcases and carryons.  First load was to the Airline checkin counter to drop off the suitcases.  Then we headed for breakfast at the Mill before going back to the room to pick up the carryons and drop them off at luggage services to be stored for the day.   Then we hopped on a bus to EPCOT.   Decided to do a Kim Possible Mission so picked up a pass in Innoventions West then strolled out toward World Showcase.  Stopped by Journey Into Imagination along the way and walked on then headed out to the International Gateway to pick up our Kimunicator.   Our mission was in Italy.  After the mission hopped on a Friendship launch and rode over to the dock near Canada and headed for Future World.  Here we split up with some going to the Sunshine Seasons for lunch and me to the Electric Umbrella.  After lunch we met up and took the Monorail to the TTC and the ferry boat over to the Magic Kingdom.  We wandered down Main Street and ended up in Sleepy Hollow eating some ice cream sandwiches and funnel cakes.  Roamed around the hub and Main Street for a while then made our way toward the busses and back to the Riverside.  Picked up our carryons, changed clothes and waited for the Magical Express bus to head back to MCO and home.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Our last day had a bit of a rocky start. We checked in online (through someone at home) to prepay for our bags and change our seats. We first checked with the resort check in and they said no problem the computer would know we paid. When we showed up at the checkin counter of course there was no record and we had the wrong confirmation number. It took us a while to track down the proper number then of course their connection to Delta went down so it took us almost an hour to get our luggage checked in. So remember if you decide to check in online vs calling the resort checkin number to pay for your bag get the confirmation number (its a long series of digits) and there is one for each bag.

  • Our first stop of the day was EPCOT. We had not spent that much time there during the day so decided to spend a couple hours. We ended up giving the Kim Possible game a try. Our mission this time around was in France. I really enjoy these adventures and think its a great concept. Since it was early in the day, about 11:30 World Showcase was not crowded and I was surprised at how many people were playing in France. We saw several groups without children playing too!

  • After lunch we headed to the Magic Kingdom by way of Monorail then Ferry Boat (which of course we missed and had a long wait for).

  • Decided to use our final snacks at Sleepy Hollow and the candy store. Great to hear Ice Cream Sandwiches and Funnel Cakes still snacks, even though the menu does not have the symbol (just be sure to always ask the CMs what counts). Also note that the chocolate dipped strawberries on Main Street now entitle you only to one as a snack. It used to be a two pack last trip.

  • Magical Express seemed to be having some issues. We had a 4:00pm pick up and as of 3:45 the 3:30 bus was still there loading up and they were not taking any extra people. The 4:00pm bus showed up a good 15 minutes late. So we were a good 15-20 minutes delayed for the rest of the stops. Then somehow they miss counted and when we got to the last pickup spot we had room for two people but there were 10 or so waiting. Luckily since we were so late another bus was right behind. But this seemed to be a big headache and took forever. I still do not understand why there are four stops on the route. The bus starts at the Riverside, then goes to the French Quarter, Old Key West, and Saratoga Springs before heading to MCO. Seems they could balance this better and combine busses so maybe its only two stops and instead of 3:30 and 4:00 do a 3:45???

  • We arrived at MCO approx 90 minutes before our flight. We were supposed to get off at the second stop but decided to exit the bus at the first to save some time. We were amazed to find no real lines at security. Took no more than 5 minutes to breeze through!! yeah!! By the time we reached the gate we had under an hour till boarding and the plane was already there even waiting for us.

  • The flight itself was uneventful, we left a few minutes early and arrived a couple minutes early. Of course LAX took over 40 minutes to get our bags.. what was amazing is we were in the first gate, probably no more than 100 yards or so from the plane to the baggage area but it still took forever!

  • The flight had wi-fi and were offering free trials for first time users, so I gave it a try. It was fun to play around and I even did a video conference with someone. Kind of amazing to be flying over Texas (bouncing around due to the storms) and having a video conference with someone in Los Angeles.. very cool. Also interesting was the flight had TV service instead of a movie (of course my screen was broken and I did not want to change seats since I had a nice exit row seat).

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