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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trip Log:

Started off the morning a bit on the later side.   We spent a little time packing and cleaning up the room since it was our last full day.  Then headed for breakfast at the Mill and a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  Hiked out to Harambe and grabbed a Fastpass for the Safari then headed over to Asia to the jungle trek.  After visiting the Tigers spent some time roaming around taking pictures until the 11:30 Flights of Wonder show started.  After the show went for lunch at Pizzafari and Flame Tree then wandered around the Tree of Life for a while and off to Africa to use our Safari Fastpasses.   Once back from our Safari walked over to Camp Minnie/Mickey to grab some ice cream and then toward the front of the park.  Hopped on a bus to EPCOT and into the park.  Headed for Innoventions East to check out the Sum of All Thrills then over to Universe of Energy.    We then strolled across the park and visited the Seas with Nemo and Friends.  Managed to take in a dolphin session too since the timing worked out.  Had a good hour to kill till dinner so stopped by the Land and used one of remaining Soarin’ Fastpasses from the D23 event.   Then headed for dinner at Le Cellier.   After dinner caught some of the Off Kilter set then wandered back to the front of the park and visited Spaceship Earth.  At this point some of the group headed for the PhotoPass picture pickup and then back to the room.  I turned around and headed back to World Showcase.  Ended up walking by Mexico and Norway and stopping at China to watch the tail end of the acrobat show.  Then continued on around the Lagoon.  Stopped by Japan to check out the new exhibit and then continued on the UK and caught some of the British Invasion.  After their set headed back around the Lagoon taking some pictures and stopped by to catch a little of the Candlelight.  Then continued on around the Lagoon.  Stopped by Mexico and went on the boat ride.  Had a few 10 minutes until the start of Illuminations so went to find a spot to watch the show.  After the show joined the masses exiting the park.  Walked to the bus, rode to the Riverside, then called it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Our last full day of vacation.. this always arrives with some sadness and today we did not have much planned. It was really a catchup/weather day but due to some good timing we really did not have anything on our must see list. So we visited Animal Kingdom and EPCOT.

  • Spent the morning at Animal Kingdom and have nothing really new or interesting to report. Still disappointed in the dessert choices but that isn't new.

  • Stopped by Innoventions East to check out the Sum of All Thrills that opened a couple of months ago. Here you create your own ride experience/coaster simulation then get to experience it on a robotic arm. This was impressive to watch and the line seemed fairly constant. I did not give it a try due to the over 30 minute wait and my lack of interest in coasters.

  • Decided to use one of our Fastpasses to visit Soarin' again since we had some time to kill and nothing else going on. This time the CM gave me a hard time about my camera. I have always kept it around my neck and never had a problem (and my camera bag is huge so it gets stored off to the side not under my seat). Any ways he was convinced I was going to shoot pictures while on board and gave me some hassle about putting the camera below (I did not) and said he would watch me on the video screens.. I smiled and waved during the show... afterwards he came up and thanked me for not taking pictures. I thought this was really odd and not sure the fuss. Pictures of a large screen film are not that interesting any ways..

  • We managed to get a dinner reservation at Le Cellier, which is a challenge this time of year thanks to the free dining promotion and the Candlelight dinner packages (combined with how small and popular it is). The meal was great and showed up extremely fast... we barely made it through the bread sticks and the steaks had arrived (and I order mine well done so this is a feet). Dessert took forever to show up though... guess they must be working to speed up the experience to try and get more guests through? Or did we just manage to get our dinner order at the right time to have it pop up so fast...

  • Stopped by the Japan pavilion to check out the new display in the museum. The Toy exhibit finally closed after several years and was replaced with a photo exhibit. They had no photo signs up everywhere which meant I did not take pictures to share on the site. They were good pictures but they did not engage me that much... or interest me.

  • Stopped by to give the British Invasion another try and to my displeasure they were playing exactly the same set as last night.. oh well 0-2. At least I caught half a set from Off Kilter and they were great!

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