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Walt Disney World Day 3 Report

Friday, December 11, 2009

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with an early wake up call (6:15) and we were on our way to a quick breakfast at the Mill by 6:30 then onto Osprey Ridge by 7:00 for our 7:30 tee time.  After the round it was back to the resort to change clothes then hopped on a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  For lunch some headed to the counter service Yak & Yeti location and I swung by Dinoland to grab some chicken nuggets.  After lunch we strolled over to Africa and decided to give the safari a try (it was a posted 30 min but closer to 20 in reality).  Once back we headed to Camp Minnie Mickey and spent some time with the characters then watched the Festival of the Lion King.  After the show walked back to the parade route and took in a little of the Jingle Jungle Parade before heading for the bus to the TTC.  Took the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  Stopped in Town Square to watch the Flag Retreat then wandered down to Liberty Square for dinner at the Liberty Tree tavern.  It was 7:00pm now and the park was closing for those not part of the Christmas party.. so we headed to the bus and back to the Riverside to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Today was the coldest day of the trip. The temperatures never climbed out of the 60s and it was fairly windy. Luckily it did not rain so it did not slow us down too much.

  • We started off golfing at Osprey Ridge and had a great time as usual. The course was in great shape and the pace of play was smooth. There is not much visible at the Four Season project next door. Most of the area looked very similar to our last trip. There was a nice new stone wall in one spot but other than that no substantial changes.

  • We headed over to the Animal Kingdom for lunch. The park was not too crowded, un a 30 min wait for the Safari only. We stopped by the Festival of the Lion King and the theater was maybe 2/3 the way full only. Out on safari saw an animal I had not seen before a water buck (or maybe it just was not pointed out before).

  • The Flag Retreat at the Magic Kingdom seemed to be a slightly bigger production this time around than I remembered from the last time I watched it here, but still not as elaborate as Disneyland's.

  • We decided to give the Liberty Tree Tavern a try for dinner since last trip we did a lunch there. Overall I was a bit disappointed with the food (especially if I had paid full freight for it and not part of the dinning plan). There was plenty of food but it just did not seem like a $30 meal. I found the turkey to be uninspiring (especially after tasting the turkey at the D23 event in a couple days which was lightyears better) and same with the rolls. We were talking with the CM's and they said that the Crystal Palace will be going down for rehab after the new year and when this happens the characters will be returning to the Liberty tree. The service was quick and the CMs were all friendly. Also kind of amusing they gave us the same exact exact table, the one directly to the left when you walk in. So now in two trips I have been no further into the dining area than the five feet or so to get to that first table.

  • Used the restroom near the fire station on Main Street and was surprised to find all four of the paper towel dispensers I tried were empty. Seems like someone dropped the ball. There was no CM in sight either.

  • Since the park closed early for a Very Merry Christmas Party and it was so cold we called it an early night.

Pedometer Information for the day (parenthesis are the golf portion):


21,930 (11,140)


8.3 (4.2)


13,219 (5,487)

Walking Time

116 (47)

Enough with the text.. onto the pictures
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