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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with a 6:30am wake up call.  Finished packing up a few things and had our suitcases down to the airline checkin around 7:00am and we were back in the room and ready for our 7:20 room service delivery.  Ate breakfast finished packing up the carryons and then we split up.  Two stayed at the resort, checked the bags and went fishing the other two of us headed for EPCOT via monorail to go on the Undiscovered Future World Tour.  After the tour we hiked back through the park to the monorail and went to the Magic Kingdom to rejoin our group for lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern.  After lunch stopped on Main Street for some quick shopping and to pick up a Photopass picture (our package included a free 5x7) then headed for the monorail and the Contemporary.  At the resort picked up our carryons and changed into warmer clothes (as it was going to be in the 60s when we landed in LA).  Stopped by the Contempo Café to use our last handful of snack options and then headed out to the waiting Magical Express bus.  Took the bus to the airport (stopping at the Wilderness Lodge and Grand Floridian before leaving Disney).  Walked out to the gate, had about an hour, then boarded and headed for home.

Undiscovered Future World tour log:
Started off inside EPCOT guest relations this time.  We first headed down to Spaceship Earth (near the restrooms on the East side).  Then doubled back to Guest Relations and walked through Innoventions East.  Out past Mousegear and across to Innoventions West.  Made a restroom stop.  Walked through Innoventions and out to the Living Seas.  Went into the conference center/old lounge area and then headed for the Land.  Took a quick break before heading backstage near Soarin.  Walked into the maintenance area for Imagination and saw where they clean all the 3D glasses on property (they rolled through the machine at just over 4mph).  Walked through Imagination and then upstairs to the old Imageworks area.  Headed back downstairs and across to the other side of Future World.  Stopped at Universe of Energy and were taken into a room and shown a couple of the birds from the show and then we headed to Mission Space and the HP lounge.  After walked through there we next went over to Test Track and up to the GM Lounge which has one of the best views of the park (and into the attraction).  We then walked backstage and past the Test Track maintenance area.  Poked back inside the attraction to see the transfer practice area then walked around backstage to EPCOTs CM services building.  Walked through the wardrobe area (which is now self service) and then back outside and around to the marina area.  Got a glimpse of them working on a couple Friendship launches and saw the Earth globe, but did not spend much time there then it was through a door and back onstage in China to end the tour. For more thoughts on the Undiscovered Future World (or other WDW tours) check out our tour section

Thoughts & Observations:

  • We woke up early as we had the Undiscovered Future World tour. We were surprised not to find our bill outside the room, seems they do not deliver the tower ones until after 7:00. We managed to pack up earlier so had time to run the bags down to check in before breakfast showed up at 7:20. Our bill showed up just after that along with a set of tags and some Magical Express info. There were boarding passes and tags for our luggage inside. This second envelop was a first for us, we had not seen that before. It was a little late as we already checked two bags through and the second two were just about on their way down when the info arrived.

  • Overall I enjoyed the the Undiscovered Future World Tour. This time around we visited a couple new locations that were of interest to me. I really enjoyed the General Motors Lounge as well as seeing the backstage areas of Journey into Imagination. The 3D glasses cleaning machine was fun to see and interesting to learn they do the glasses for all four parks there. I guess that makes sense to save money to only have one machine. Also this time around our guide spent quite a bit more time trying to relate EPCOT and the tour directly to Walt Disney. I thought this was a nice touch and kind of interesting to see.

  • We decided to have lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern. We have skipped this the past few trips as it was a character meal, but the characters are gone and for lunch the menu is back. The service and food were both good.

  • The Magical Express worked out perfectly for us. The bus was there a little early and this time we only had two stops. The Wilderness Lodge and the Grand Floridian, we skipped the Polynesian. We arrived at MCO with no problems and our bags arrived in Los Angeles with no problems.

  • I did not think about it, not sure why.. guess I was tired.. but most of the renovations to the Orlando airport (in the United Terminal area) appeared to be complete. Next trip I will try to get some pictures. Overall it looked good.

  • A fitting conclusion to the trip.. United managed to leave just a few minutes late and got us in a bit early and there was even a gate for us! Only down side was the sound system for our entire row went out just as we pulled away from the gate. So we had no audio for the entire flight. I slept for most of it though... and to top it off the flight attendant gave us a card that said Please Accept Our Apology. We got home and typed in the code and its good for miles, a discount, or some other type of gift/credit.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Again only a partial reading today.. not sure what was going on...









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