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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with a 6:00am wake-up call and a 6:20 delivery of room service again and then we were on our way to an 8:00am tee time at Lake Buena Vista.  After golf it was back to the room for showers then over to EPCOT.  Stopped by the Land and grabbed a Fastpass for Soarin and made a reservation for the Behind the Seeds tour then headed over to the Living Seas to eat lunch at Coral Reef.   After lunch we headed for the Land again and the Behind the Seeds tour.  Once back from the tour used our Soarin Fastpassed then we wandered out toward World Showcase and hopped a boat from near Mexico over to Morocco.  Walked out to the American Adventure and watched the show.  After the show it was off to Canada and dinner at Le Cellier.  After dinner we split up.  A couple heading for the Riverside and a carriage ride and the other half back to the Contemporary to watch Wishes from our room.  We then went over to the Magic Kingdom  and rejoined our group.  Stopped by Sleepy Hollow for some funnel cakes and ice cream sandwiches.  After our snack walked through Liberty Square and Frontierland on our way into Aventureland.  Went for a spin on the Magic Carpets then headed for Main Street.  Stopped by the candy store then called it quits and walked for the Resort Monorail and rode back to the Contemporary for the day.



Thoughts & Observations:

  • We started off this mothers day heading for the golf course and a round of golf at Lake Buena Vista. It was a minor adventure getting there as they had the road blocked off near Fort Wilderness for a tri-atholon. Not sure why there were not signs up earlier to warn us. So we had to turn around then go all the way around past the Polynesian, around past EPCOT and then back toward the course by Port Orleans. Once we arrived and hit the links, the course was empty, I believe the starter said they only had 12 groups scheduled for the entire day. This was great for us as we were able to cruise right through our round at our own pace and finished well ahead of schedule, almost an hour ahead of Disney's pace, (unlike the other day at Magnolia where it took forever). The course was in great shape as to be expected.

  • We ate lunch at the Coral Reef. It had been years since I ate there and overall the dining room seemed remodeled, but hard to tell with my memory... the service was slow and they undercooked my steak (came medium instead of well), other than that it was a good meal.

  • We opted to give the Behind the Seeds tour a try (and bypassed the Living with the Land boat ride this trip). The tour prices have increased again to $16 an adult for the hour tour. The tour started off at the desk near Soarin. From there we went backstage and into the back of the lab area (you see near the end of the boat ride). We saw some experiments and watched a couple clips on a TV. Then we continued on to a window that allowed us to pier into the onstage portion of the lab. From there we moved into the green house. We stopped at several points and even had a tasting of a vegetable (cucumber). Then continued on through the next green house and around to the fishery. Those who wanted were able to feed the fish then we moved on to the final green house. Learned a little about the herbs and spices being grown there then walked back the route we had just entered.

  • Thought it was odd that the Friendship launch at EPCOT was running from the dock near Mexico over to Germany then Morocco then back.. they were not using the one near Canada and only one boat was running.

  • We sent my parents over to the Riverside to give the Carriage ride a try. Having stayed there a couple of times they always thought it would be fun and now that it was included on the plan they went for it. They did not have much to report except that it seemed fairly brief, only 30 minutes and it was not as "cool" as they thought it would be.. not sure what they were expecting, its a horse drawn carriage on a trail that they have walked a hundred times, but that was the report.

  • Since the Magic Kingdom was open late we met there to grab a snack and see an attraction or two. I noticed they were not distributing wristbands any more. Instead we had to show our room key to get on the attractions. This really did not slow things down too much and seemed fairly efficient.

  • We stopped by Sleepy Hollow for snacks and were surprised to find the funnel cakes did not have the Disney Dining icon. After getting over this we decided to ask the Cast Member working. They said they were still included... but my hunch is they will not be for long.. so we had a funnel cake and an ice cream sandwich.

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