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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trip Log:

We got an earlier start on the morning.  Grabbed a quick drink from the Rix and then headed out for the Animal Kingdom.  Arrived about 15 minutes before opening.  We somehow managed to make out way up near the front for the rope drop, maybe 50-100 people back.  Watched the opening show and then followed the herd to the Safari.  Went for our safari then back to Pizzafari for breakfast.  Wandered by the Tree of Life and around to Asia to catch the Flights of Wonder show.  After the show we looked around a bit and wandered toward the bus stops.  Hopped a bus over to Wilderness Lodge and roamed the resort for a while, then took the launch over to Fort Wilderness.  Ate lunch at the Trails End then took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom and the Monorail to the Contemporary.   Took a look at the new Tower and the Holiday decorations then took a bus over to the Studios to catch the Block Party Bash.  After the Bash went for a ride on the Great Movie Ride because Toy Story was 110 minutes.    Next up was the Indiana Jones show and then we headed down Hollywood Blvd.  Caught a bus to the TTC and then took the ferry to the Magic Kingdom.  Walked down Main Street and into Adventureland.  Went for a ride on the Jungle Cruise then headed for Frontierland to catch the Country Bears.  After the bears watched some of Spectro Magic as we walked to Liberty Square, then around through Fantasyland and into Tomorrowland.  Walked on Buzz then the People Mover.  Watched Wishes as I roamed Main Street then grabbed a monorail to the TTC and transferred to the EPCOT line.  Once at EPCOT went for a ride on Spaceship Earth then Test Track as I was killing some time before Illuminations.  Watched Illuminations then followed the masses to the busses and headed back to Coronado Springs to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • I know many people do not enjoy getting up early on their vacation,but if you can make it to the parks for opening there are some nice bonuses. First off is the lines are usually shorter, for example we walked right on the Safari. Secondly each park treats opening slightly differently but they each do some little show or ceremony and its a nice plus. With Animal Kingdom the conventional wisdom is the animals are more active first thing. Overall I have to say this is true, but we have also experienced several exceptions to this rule over the years too. Today was a great example of the rule though as we spotted quite a few animals and most were fairly active. Even the Lion was moving around and we could hear his roar (think this is the first time I ever heard him, maybe the second).

  • We headed out to Fort Wilderness for lunch at the Trails End. I have to say again this is still one of the better deals on Disney property and a great place to get away. The menu is extremely limited but if you like Fried Chicken, Corn Bread, Salad, Beans, Chili, soup, and ice cream its all you can eat and its only $12.99 for adults including softdrinks or tea for lunch.., the dinner menu has more to offer but the price goes up too.

  • After lunch we wanted to head to the Studios to catch the Block Party Bash but along the way also wanted to see the Contemporary work, so transfered there... we had some bad bus luck. We waited almost 40 minutes for a bus to the Studios. Four Animal Kingdom and Two Downtown Disney busses came through while we were waiting. Then the bus that showed up was loading extremely slow and had to unload an ECV and load two... we noticed another pulled up behind so we took that one. The routes still goes to the Polynesian but now also swings by the Grand Floridian. We arrived at about ten after three, having been in line for the bus at the Contemporary slightly before 2 this seemed crazy to us.

  • We managed to cut through the stores and watch the Block Party Bash from out near Indy/American Idol. It is still so odd for me to see this parade outside of DCA.

  • Made it make to the Magic Kingdom and finally was able to catch a Country Bears show. I was pleased to see how good the show looked and sounded after its rehab earlier this year, but was still extremely disappointed that they did not have the Christmas version of the show running. This is the third year right? Guess its gone to yesterdayland for good...

  • The parks were really not too crowded most of the day and we were able to walk on many of the attractions without much wait at all. The Studios felt the most crowded but I think that is due to the smallness of the park.

  • Today I was able to achieve the four park swing (with meaningful time at each park even) as well as a ride on a bus, boat, and and monorail... so overall a busy day but great!

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