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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Monday, December 8, 2008

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with a 6:00am wakeup call.  We were to the lobby and in a cab by 6:15 heading for Lake Buena Vista for a round of golf.  Played our round and then headed back to Coronado Springs to take a quick shower before heading off to the parks.  Decided to go to Animal Kingdom  for lunch.  Ate at Pizzafari (and some at Flame Tree) then headed for the Safari to grab a Fastpass.  Rejoined the group in Asia and spent some time on the Jungle Trek.  After viewing the tigers we headed to Africa and went on the Safari.  Once back decided to head for the Studios.  Walked out and right on the bus, that was odd for us.  Once at the Studios walked by Toy Story (no more Fastpasses) and hiked out to the Lights Motors Action show.  After the show strolled back to Toy Story and decided to wait in the standby line, it was about an hour.  After Toy Story it was dark so went out to see the Osborne Lights.  Walked around the Streets of America and then by the Muppets area.   Stopped for a snack at the Backlot Express and then headed out to catch Fantasmic.  After the show joined the masses heading for the exit.  Hopped on the bus back to Coronado Springs to call it an early evening.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Monday morning we headed for the links. We played Lake Buena Vista and had a bright and early tee time of 7:30, which mean leaving the resort by 6:30. The morning was brisk, but not nearly as cold as last December. The course was in great shape and we enjoyed our round. I was lucky enough to be asked to place the pin for the 9th hole, a fun little honor and you get a yardage book for doing it.

  • For lunch and the early afternoon we headed over to the Animal Kingdom because some had a taste for Flame Tree BBQ and its the closest park to Coronado Springs. Nothing too interesting to report except that the driver we had for the Safari did the entire ride dead pan, almost without a pulse until we reached the chase sequence after the animals..

  • We decided to head for the Studios to try and catch the Lights Motors Action show before the bad weather comes later in the week. We made it with about 5 minutes to spare. One delay we had along the way was the turn styles at the Studio were stuck. Seems they had to reboot the ticket system and while it was down we just stood there waiting. Seems they could have figured out some bypass.. but luckily it was only a 5 minute delay.

  • Lights, Motors, Action is about the same as always. I did notice they were not using the remote controlled car. Is this new to shorten the show or was there a problem with our show?

  • We opted to go on Toy Story again (seems some members of our group could not get enough) so we did the standby wait again due to there being no Fastpasses left. It was about an hour. As I watched the Fastpass people whizzing by I really started to hate this invention... seems to me the line would have been 30-45 minutes tops without Fastpass but adding it made it stretch to an hour for us.

  • Watched Fantasmic from the standing only area. We decided to walk down about 10 minutes before the show and found a spot just a couple minutes before show time. After watching I had to remind myself again why I went to see it. Seems every time all I do is complain how I enjoy the Disneyland version better.. but for some reason I still keep going to see.. guess because there are no more fireworks at the park so it was either that or head back to the room or EPCOT again as the other parks were closed already.

Pedometer Information for the day(excluding golf):




3.39 (excluding golf)







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