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Walt Disney World Day 3 Report

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trip Log:

Started off the morning heading for breakfast around 8am at the Riverside Mill and then jumped on a bus over to the Animal Kingdom.  Grabbed a fastpass for the Safari and then spent some time roaming around Africa and on the phone with central reservation (we were trying to stay at Riverside vs having to transfer to Coronado Springs tomorrow).  Went for a ride on our Safari and then stopped by Pangani to see the Gorillas.  After the trail we wandered around the Tree of Life and ended up in Dinoland for lunch.  After lunch headed back for the entrance and took the bus to the Transportation/Ticket and then the Ferry Boat to the Magic Kingdom.  Spent some time in Town Square watching the Christmas parade taping then headed down the street to see what was going on.  Ended up in Tomorrowland and watched the Night Before Christmas show.  After the show headed back to the Hub to watch more of the taping.  Miley Cyrus was performing in front of the Castle.  After her song we headed back to the Riverside to watch the USC vs UCLA game.  After USC won it was off to the Magic Kingdom.  Made it to Main Street just as Spectro Magic was wrapping up.  Watched the end of the parade and then used the walkway that was backstage and headed for Tomorrowland.  Walked around and by the Castle.  Took some pictures from Main Street and waded through the crowd on the way back to the walkway backstage.  Pulled up a spot near the train station and watched Wishes.  After the show headed for the Express Monorail then over to EPCOT.  As we rounded the bend by World Showcase Illuminations started, we decided it was too late and far to hike into the park so headed for the busses and then back to the Riverside.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • We spent the first part of the day at the Animal Kingdom since the weather was a bit on the rainy side and cloudy side and I figured they would not be doing much taping till it cleared later in the day (I was wrong but oh well). The crowds at Animal Kingdom were nonexistent and it was great to walk around.

  • The Magic Kingdom had quite a few more guests roaming around, but the lines still did not look out of control and the crowds for the Christmas parade taping were not as bad as what people had said before hand. I guess the weather kept them down? In the evening we went back to the park and the crowds had gotten thicker for SpectroMagic and Wishes.

  • Saw the Twas the Night Before Christmas show, which is a great little show that is put on in the Galaxy Theater in Tomorrowland. Its completely out of place theme wise, but a well done show. The rumor I have read on a couple sites is this theater is slated to be removed soon so this may be the last year for the show, or at least the show running at this location. I think its great they still use a live band, the last show I can think of that does this routinely... I still think its terrible that its only on select Saturdays and around Christmas unless you go to the Very Merry Christmas Party.

  • Caught a couple of the floats going by and then the Miley Cyrus number for the Christmas Parade. The line to get close for the Cyrus taping was long and I talked to some guests who's kids waited since before the park opened to get in line for this event. I found it interesting how many people had the stamina to wait in line but not outlast the taping process. They were energetic through rehearsals (actually I do not think the line was let in then but I cannot remember now). Then they did a couple takes. By the 2nd take you could walk up and be only a couple people back if you wanted to, that is what I did to get some pictures.

  • I spend a good portion of the late afternoon watching my USC Trojans beat up on those guys from Westwood. It was odd to watch the game from the opposite coast but due to some airline and date considerations it was a compromise I made (that and since it was "away" I did not have a ticket either).

  • After the game went back to the Magic Kingdom and weathered some drizzles along the way, but no real rain luckily. Due to some bad bus timing only caught the end of Spectro Magic but did find a good spot for Wishes. I watched from in front of the train station and since there was no Christmas Tree or Flag Pole it was an unobstructed view up Main Street, which was odd. For some reason I still do not care for Wishes. Not sure why but the show just does not engage me. I thought the original Believe or even the brief Imagination show at Disneyland were better.. and I know part of it is I am disappointed they do not run a holiday version for the regular day guests (except near Christmas).. only after hours people see the Holiday Wishes. That just bugs me... (sorry to keep ranting about this but it really does grind on my nerves).

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