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Walt Disney World Day 1 Report

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trip Log:

Woke up bright and early to head for LAX, was on the road by 5:20am.  Arrived at the airport and checked our bags with no problems then noticed a long security line.  We found out they closed the terminal for a security incident around 6:15…  we were finally let into the terminal around 8am.  From then on no problems, the flight left on time  and got in on time.  Took a little over an hour from when we landed till we were on our way.  Arrived at the Port Orleans Riverside and checked.  Stopped by the room and dropped our caryyons off then it was time for dinner at the food court.  Ate and headed for the busses and EPCOT.  Wandered around Future World, riding Spaceship Earth and visiting the Seas with Nemo and friends.  Then hung out for a while at the entrance of World Showcase.  Still had 45 minutes or so to kill till Illuminations so I decided to hike around the lagoon starting at Canada.  Made it around to the American Adventure to catch the recessional for the Candlelight.  Finished the loop with about a minute to spare before Illuminations.  Watched the show and then headed for the busses and back to the Riverside to unpack and call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Flying is always an adventure and this trip was no difference. It started with a security incident at LAX and us having to wait over an hour to get through security including one trip out of the building and back in. Luckily we were there early enough that there was no issue with our flight. We left on on time, a rarity, and arrived a couple minutes early even. Our pilot was extremely talkative, he introduced himself as Captain Jack Sparrow! He even used channel 9 (on United this is the channel you can listen to the FAA communications on) to talk with us and answer some questions, first time I had experienced that and it was kind of interesting.

  • We used the Magical Express service again. This time there were more people around than we have become used to seeing (the past several trips we took the red-eye and had our own bus). We boarded the bus after a 5 minute wait or so and then waited another 10 minutes or so for others before departing for WDW. We had to make a couple stops on the way to the Riverside at Old Key West and French Quarter. Still took under an hour from when we got off the plane till we were in the resort lobby.

  • The only park open past 8pm was EPCOT, so we headed there (considering it was after 7 once we had dinner). On the way into the park we noticed new recycling trash cans, they looked like large bottles.

  • We saw Spaceship Earth was a walk on so we decided to give it a try. The attraction seemed the same as April, nothing jumped out as new or changed. I thought I had read they did some work on the decent, but if they did it did not register with me.

  • Next up was the Seas with Nemo, another walk on at this hour. The place was really quiet and empty... great if you wanted to spend some time just walking around and watching the fish.

  • We were going to check out the EPCOT 25 exhibit but it was closed for the evening. That is too bad, it used to be open through Illuminations.

  • As I waited for Illuminations I did a loop of World Showcase Lagoon. The pathways seemed more well lit than I remember. It appeared some of the parade lighting was on.

  • I capped off the first evening with Illuminations, including the Peace on Earth finale and the show was great as usual!

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