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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trip Log:

Woke up around 8:00ish and was off to the Grand Floridian via monorail by 9:00am.  Grab some Mickey Waffles and then hopped a launch over to the Magic Kingdom.  Strolled down Main Street and veered into Tomorrowland.  Grabbed a Fastpass for Buzz and then took in the Carousel of Progress and the People Mover (TTA), then onto Buzz. After saving the Galaxy we walked through Adventureland and out to Splash/Thunder to see the lines. Decided to go catch the Hall of Presidents.  Half the group headed fishing and the rest of us ate a funnel cake before heading over to the Studios.  Took the express monorail to the TTC and then the bus to the Studios. Spent some time taking pictures of the Toy Story Work and then walked around to the backlot and had a pizza for lunch at Pizza Planet.  After lunch spent some more time taking pictures of the Toy Story work and then circled around Echo Lake for a while taking some pictures and killing time until the Block Party Bash.  After the parade took a bus over to EPCOT.  Spent some time walking around Spaceship Earth and then rejoined the rest of our group.  We walked through Future World and hopped on a boat near Mexico out to Germany.   Took in the American Adventure show and then walked around World Showcase Lagoon stopping at China/the Outpost for dinner.   Headed back to Future World and Innoventions to try the Waste Management game again before going for a ride on Spaceship Earth.  Spent some time in Project Tomorrowland and then back to World Showcase to catch the 8pm set of the British Invasion.  After their set strolled to the International Gateway and took a Friendship Launch to the Studios and a bus back to the Contemporary to call it an early night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • While on the launch from the Grand Floridian to the Magic Kingdom we found out they are still doing the transportation trading cards. For those who have not heard of these, it is a set of 18 cards (twelve Monorail, three bus, and three boats). You can ask the transportation CMs and some have the cards, most do not though. The launch captain did so we were able to obtain all three boats from him. Later in the day at the TTC we were able to get the three bus cards from the information desk and the following evening on the resort monorail line I picked up one monorail cards, so I now have 7 of them... maybe next trip they will still be around and I can go after the rest of the monorails.

  • We spent the first half of the day roaming the Magic Kingdom. We had no real agenda except to stay out of long lines and the morning went by without a hitch.

  • After lunch we headed over to the studios with the goal of seeing the Block Party Bash. We arrived with time to kill so circled the park a bit. I talked to some of the CMs standing around the Toy Story Midway Mania area and they all believed the project was behind schedule (I found out this was false as the CM and other previews occurred on schedule the days after we left).

  • It was very strange for me to see the Block Party Bash on the smallish streets of the studios after all my previous viewings being on the wide expanses of the DCA parade route in Anaheim. It was as if a very familiar experience was in an unfamiliar place. I did not notice any real substantial changes. Some of the costumes looked a bit different (I had heard they tried to make them lighter) and maybe a bit less on the trampolines but that was about it. It should be interesting to see what happens come July and August with a 3pm parade with this much energy and no real shade along the parade route.

  • We went on Spaceship Earth, and nothing substantial had changed since our preview back in December except the on ride photos were now working and all of Project Tomorrow was open at the post show. Other than that it seemed the same. The way your photo is used for the decent was interesting and somewhat humorous, which really does not fit with the tone of the attraction and seemed a bit odd, but many seemed to like it so I guess its a net positive.

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