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May 21, 2023 - Day 10:

Slept in until 6ish and then went down for breakfast at 7am.  After breakfast back to the room to pack up.  We were done early so went for a walk out to look at the Bay and then back to the room to enjoy the view for a while before it was time to leave.  Around 10:30 headed to the lobby to check out and wait for the 11:04 bus.  12:15pm arrived at Haneda airport and went through the checkin, security, etc.. and we were in the Delta Sky Club at 12:40pm.   Hung out there until 30 minutes prior to boarding.  Boarded and pushed back on time from the gate at 4:45pm. The flight to Los Angeles was uneventful and we arrived a little early. Went to a gate at the Bradley International Terminal.  The customs process was relatively smooth and the waits not bad.  Had to walk to another terminal to catch the parking lot bus.  Car was where we left it and traffic home was average.


Thoughts & Observations
  • I reached the end of my visit.  The 10th day in Tokyo and time to pack up and head for home.   There were two bus times that seemed good for us, we opted to take the earlier one, 11am,  to give more time plus then we did not have to worry about checking out of the room until it was time to leave.
  • Since we had time and the weather was nice decided to take a walk over to Tokyo Bay to see the views this morning. It was better than my previous two walks but still not that clear.    Since it was a weekend there was a little more activity with locals out fishing along the sea wall.  We saw a couple groups and in the time we were there no one caught anything.
  • Since it was a relatively early departure this morning we just stuck around the hotel area and decided not to purchase a Resort Liner pass for the day. 
  • We decided to go to the desk to check out to get a print out vs the online version. The process was quick and efficient with no problems.
  • Our bus showed up right on time and cast members plus the bus driver were on hand to check us in and load our luggage.  There were already guests onboard so we were hoping it would not be that many more stops.  We traveled around to the parks and Ambassador hotel picking up people and by the time we reached the last stop at Tokyo DisneySea there was only a seat or two on the bus and they turned people away.  I lucked out and no one sat next to me so I had room for all our carryons.  The bus is nice but all the stops to leave Disney then circle the airport make for a long ride.  Terminal 3 is the final stop at the airport too.
  • Once inside the terminal the Delta area had a lot of people checking in.  We were very happy to have Delta One and walked up, talked to someone then were next to check our bags.  Immigration and security moved efficiently with minimal waits of a person or two.
  • I was excited to see the new Delta Sky Club.  Last visit Delta did not have a club and we used one from the airport.   I found it funny that the club was down one end of the terminal which was by most of the US Airline gates including a couple Delta ones, but of course our flight was going to be at a gate down the other side.
  • The new Delta Sky Club turned out to be in the same lounge we visited last time. Delta took it over and looks like they remodeled it.  It was much more crowded than my previous visit since it was open to all Sky Club members now.  There were three or four U.S. Bound Delta flights leaving within an hour or so of each other.   They were escorting people to seats and offering to move you around, but they did not really want you to be changing on your own.  The food offerings were about what I remembered from my last visit.
  • We decided to head down to the gate a little early so we could stretch our legs. The gate area was rather tight for the number of people.  Luckily being DeltaOne we boarded early and the process was easy. 
  • The flight departed right on time.  We had to sit for quite a while waiting for a spot to take off.  We counted at least 7 planes landing while we waited.  I was watching a flight tracker and I could see them stacked up.  They were not spaced enough to allow for takeoffs. Finally they opened a spot for us.
  • The flight was uneventful for the most part.  The seat belt sign was on for a good portion of it from what I heard.  I ended up sleeping about 6 hours of the flight.   I did not care for the food, which I had expected prior to the flight based on past experience.  I was disappointed with the service.   They never brought around snacks or had an open area for you to go and get snacks.  I talked to others who stayed up most of the flight and they said the same thing.   I did try to work a bit but the plane was moving a little too much to use a laptop, it was really hard to read and focus with everything moving so much.   Also those that stayed up said the flight crew was rather loud. Seems they were banging cabinets most of the flight.. they were not sure what all the opening and closing was about since they were not bringing a lot around to people.
  • Walking through LAX to customs it was rather dim with fluorescent lighting in the area that was rather depressing and not a very welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Most of the windows at customs were open and they were distributing the line fairly efficiently.  The queue for returning US Citizens was substantially shorter than that for visitors and moving quickly.  They sent us to a spot with three open windows and only a handful of people in front of us.  Of course two of the groups had problems and needed to be escorted to talk to someone else, so our line moved the slowest out of all those around us.  Still it was not that long.
  • The Economy Parking shuttle does not stop at Bradley so we opted to walk to Delta terminal 3 to catch it.  While walking we were happy not to be driving.  The regular lanes were all stopped and inching along around the horseshoe.  We boarded with no problem but as we made our way to the remaining terminals the bus filled out and a large number of people boarded only to figure out they were on the wrong bus and had to disembark. This happened at three stops.  So the time to exit the airport was much longer than it needed to be.  
  • Once back at the parking lot no problems finding the car and exiting.  The plate reader worked no problem, so both trips this year the in and out worked for us.. so things seem to be improving there.
  • The drive home was average traffic. I was expecting it to be lighter for a Sunday afternoon but no such luck.
  • Our Total time from the Hilton in Tokyo to our garage was 18:25 today.  So it was a long travel day but shorter than going out and others.  We probably could have shaved an hour or so off of that by taking the later bus but having extra time reduces the travel stress and we had nothing left we really wanted to do at the hotel or time to do at Disney.
  • Thank you for following along and reading my long ramblings from all 10 days!

Pedometer Stats
Miles 3.81
Steps 8,314
Minutes Walking 81

Day1 Final Morning @ Tokyo Disney Resort & Trip Home

My final morning at the Tokyo Disney Resort inlcudes some last views from the room, a walk to Tokyo Bay and then the journey back to Los Angeles.
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