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April 20, 2018 - Day 7: Trip home

Our last day in Tokyo started off much like the ones before, waking up just before 7am.  Today spent some time packing then went to the Sheraton Club for breakfast.  After breakfast finished packing then set off on the Resort Line to explore.  First stop the Gateway Station and the plan was to walk through Ikspiari  and the Disney Ambassador Hotel… but that failed due to it not opening until 10am.  So we walked to the Disneyland Hotel instead.  Spent some time there then hopped back on the Resort Line.  Some went back to the room I continued on to Tokyo DisneySea.  Took a look around from the Resort Line Station then walked by the Hotel MiraCosta and decided to walk to Ikspiari since I had never done that.  It was an easy walk, under 10 minutes.   Walked through Ikspiari then boarded the Resort Liner at the Gateway station to head back to the Bayside Station to conclude the trip.  Walked across the street to the hotel got our bags, checked out and headed down to wait for the bus to the airport.  As usual right on time it showed up and we hopped onboard.  About an hour later after several stops at Disney we arrived at HND airport.  Checking in, security and customs were all a breeze.  Waited in the lounge for the plane to arrive, it was about 30 minutes late coming in and we ended up leaving about an hour late.  Arrived at LAX about an hour late.  Customs was relatively quick here too.  Waiting for the parking lot shuttle was long and it was jammed as usual.  Made it home in a little under an hour to wrap up this trip to Asia.  Thanks for following along if you went through all 13 days.

Thoughts & Observations
  • My two week Asia Adventure comes to an end today.  My final morning waking up to a castle view.  It was great for two weeks to have park views.  
  • We had an early afternoon flight so I had a couple hours in the morning to roam around. We packed up and were ready to go by 9ish so I set out to explore. 
  • I always forget most of Ikspiari does not open until after 10am.  So when we exited the Resort Line we ran right into closed doors and barriers when we tried to visit.
  • So our first stop turned out to be the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. I was curious what if anything they did for the 35th anniversary.  It was some banners/signs very much on par with the Hotel Mira Costa and less than the Disney Ambassador Hotel.   The hotel felt fairly quiet this morning. The lobby had guests moving around but it was not nearly as other times I had stopped by.  One issue is they had the heat turned way up so it was extremely warm inside.
  • I circled around on the Disney Resort Line to Tokyo DisneySea and spent some time looking at the entrance and walking around then decided to walk to Ikspiari vs taking the Resort Line. I had never done that.  It took only about 10 minutes to walk from the Mira Costa to Ikspiari.   It was a different perspective seeing these streets from ground level vs overhead on the Resort Line or elevated in a bus.
  • Returned back to the hotel and grabbed our suitcases and bags then headed down to wait for the Limo Bus to the airport.  We had pre-purchased our tickets the other day and there were no issues.  The bus arrived on time and was smooth as always.   We were flying out of HND so it was a shorter bus trip than our arrival.
  • The check in for Delta was busy.  They had a couple flights leaving close together.   The Priority/Business Class line was short and we were able to quickly check in, no delays with security or customs and we were in the lounge in a short period of time.
  • We used the Annex Lounge which was right over our gate.  This lounge offers some nice views of the airport, city and bay.  It was a little hazy but you could still make out the Tokyo Disney Resort across the bay.  
  • The inbound flight was late so we were delayed.  The boarding process seemed a little slow then we had to wait for some sort of final weight sign off.  All this contributed to leaving about an hour late.
  • The flight to Los Angeles was uneventful.  It was fairly bumpy so the seatbelt sign seemed on more than off. I was able to sleep for a good portion of it which really helped to reduce/eliminate jetlag.  
  • Our approach to Los Angeles took us over our house and then on a big loop to land.  Usually the plans turn south and loop back to the airport just after downtown. We traveled several minutes further east before coming back.
  • I took advantage of the relatively new Mobile Passport option from US Customs and it saved us a lot of time.  From touch down until I was waiting for the parking lot shuttle was only 40 minutes of which a good 10 minutes was waiting for the bags.
  • Unfortunately it took nearly another 50 minutes to get to the parking lot. It seems a shuttle skipped the International Terminal and when one finally did it was jammed packed.  So it was not a pleasant ride back to the parking lot.
  • Then the LA Freeways decided to welcome me back with quite a bit of traffic.   It took over 80 minutes to drive the 50 miles to home.
  • Total travel time was just under 16 hours.  We left our hotel room in Tokyo at 10:55am Friday Tokyo Time and arrived in Los Angeles at 12:45pm Friday Los Angeles time (or 4:45am Saturday Tokyo Time).
  • For those of you who read through all 13 days of this Asia Trip and clicked through the thousands of pictures thank you!  Hope you enjoyed the experience.   If you have any questions, comments or would like me to delve deeper into something feel free to drop me an email, tweet, or some other method, I am always happy to share my two cents and experiences.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 3.3
Steps 8,750
Moderate Steps 5,830
Moderate Steps/Time 50

Day 2 - Part I: Morning Tour of Tokyo Final Morning in Tokyo & Trip Home

A couple laps on the Resort Line to end my trip including a visit to the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and walk from DisneySea to Ikspiari.
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