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April 19, 2018 - Day 6: Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Started my last full day in Tokyo sleeping in until 7ish then heading for breakfast at the Sheraton Club.   Did some packing and left for the park just after 9am.  Took the Resort Line to Disneyland.  Strolled through World Bazaar and followed the parade route to Fantasyland.  Picked up it’s a small world FastPasses then continued on to Toon Town.  Spent some time roaming around plus visited the Miss Daisy and Car Toon Spin before leaving the area.  Passed through Fantasyland to Westernland and boarded the Mark Twain which was in port.  After my cruise around Tom Sawyer Island we did some shopping in Westernland and then in Adventureland.  Walked through the Central Plaza and Cinderella Castle on our way back to Fantasyland to use our small world FastPass.  After the cruise stopped by the Hungry Bear then visited the Swiss Famly Tree House then headed for World Bazaar and the park exit.  Took the Resort Line to Bayside Station and made a stop at the room to drop off packages then continued on to Ikspairi for a quick look at the Disney store then late lunch at TGI Fridays.  After lunch back onto the Resort Line and took it around to Tokyo DisneySea.  Spent some time roaming around the Mediterranean Harbor then into the American Waterfront.  Took the Electric Railway to Port Discovery.   Strolled through Mysterious Island and paid a visit to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   Then walked over to Fortress Explorations and watched the Easter show from there.  After the show walked back through Port Discovery and out to the Lost River Delta.  Picked up a FastPass for Indiana Jones as we strolled by.  Continued around to the Arabian Coast and then back to Mysterious Island.   Did some more shopping in Mediterranean Harbor then some of the group headed for the exit and I went back into the park to make a couple laps.  Walked out to the Cape Cod are of the American Waterfront then doubled back to the Columbia for a look around.  Took the Electric Railway out to Port Discovery then walked through the Lost River Delta to the Arabian coast by way of the Mermaid Lagoon walkway.  Took some pictures then headed for Indiana Jones to  use my FastPass.   After my adventure walked through the Lost River Delta, around Mermaid Lagoon to Mysterious Island.  Stopped by Fortress Explorations again then walked through the Mediterranean Harbor to the Venice area.  Fantasmic was just starting. I took some pictures then did another pass through the American Waterfront before heading to the harbor to find a spot for the Fantamic Finale.  After the finale hung around to see the fireworks but they were cancelled due to wind.   So wandered around the Mediterranean Harbor then took a final look at the park before turning and heading for the Resort Line and back to the hotel to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • Our final day in the theme parks for this trip.  Always a little depressing knowing the end of a great trip is near but we had one more full day and our plan was to enjoy the nice weather and roam the parks.  There was nothing left on the to do list so it was a relaxing day from that aspect.
  • The weather today was great but that also helped to contribute to the parks being more crowded than the other days.   Luckily since we had no must sees we just explored the parks and visited the less popular attractions and had no real wait time issues.
  • I went 0 for 2 on it’s a small world.  Both times I decided to go for a cruise the guests in the row behind us were very loud.   They were having a good time but were loud bordering on obnoxious.    We had not really experienced this in the Tokyo parks before so twice on the same attraction felt very odd.
  • We were going to eat a late lunch at the Queen of Hearts and after looking at the menu, pricing, and crowded opted to head to Ikspiari.  We managed to get a lot more food and have a quiet meal for less.  It did take some extra time, but we were already planning to head to DisneySea after lunch and had nothing on our agenda so we could afford the time.
  • Walking around DisneySea we found it to be about the same as Disneyland.  More crowded than previous days.  As the afternoon went on the wind picked up so unfortunately no fireworks to end my trip.   But I was able to make a couple of laps around DisneySea afterdark to take some pictures and just enjoy the park so it was a great way to end this trip.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 10.7
Steps 28,388
Moderate Steps 19,512
Moderate Steps/Time 175

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