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April 18, 2018 - Day 5: Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Slept in until almost 7am this morning since I had no where to be.  The forecast called for rain until lunch and the plan was to let it pass before venturing out.   Ate breakfast at the Sheraton Club then returned to the room to get caught up on some emails and posts.  We decided to head out just before 10am and visit the Hotel Miracosta.  Took the Resort Cruiser to the Resort Line and disembarked at Tokyo DisneySea.   Walked over to the MiraCosta and took a look around then headed for Tokyo DisneySea around 10:30am.  Hiked out to Toy Story to look at FastPasses.. return times were already in the 8pm hour, so not useful.  Circled back to the Mediterranean Harbor to rejoin my group and watch the rain, it seemed to have picked up.  We worked our way around the harbor and out to Mysterious Island and then Mermaid Lagoon.   Decided to take in King Triton’s Concert and dry out a bit.   Then visited the Arabian Coast and the Magic Lamp Theater followed by Sindbad’s.   The rain had finally started to let up.  We decided to eat lunch at Zambini Brothers and then enjoyed the DisneySea band  on our way to the Venetian Gondolas.  Went for a cruise around the canals then made our way to the park exit and hopped on the resort line to Disneyland.   First stop Tomorrowland to try our luck in the lottery, on the way got sidetracked with a performing group.   Once we arrived tried for One Man’s Dream II and won tickets!  Then tried for the parade and won tickets for that too!   Picked up a FastPass for it’s a small world then headed to the central plaza to check out our lottery space for the parade.  It was on the Adventureland side of the central plaza.  It was a sitting only area and did not look any better than what we had yesterday so skipped the parade.  Walked through Cinderella Castle to Fantasyland.  Took a walk up through the castle then decided to find a spot near the Haunted Mansion to watch the parade since it was starting and I had some time till my FastPass.  After the parade still had 15 minutes but there was no wait so walked onto it’s a small world.  After our cruise headed for Tomorrowland.  Picked up FastPasses for Buzz then waited for One Man’s Dream II.   Used our lottery seats and then returned to use our Buzz FastPasses.  Decided to head to Ikspairi for dinner, walked there.  Ate at the Hawaiian Hamburger  place next to the Disney Store.   After dinner hopped on the Resort Line back to Disneyland and arrived in World Bazaar as the 7:20pm projection moment was occurring.  After it ended found a spot for Dream Lights.   Watched the parade then roamed around the park passing through the Castle, Fantasyland, Westernland, and back to the Central Plaza to find a spot for the fireworks.  Watched Brand New Dream and then joined the masses exiting the park.  Took the Resort Line back to Bayside Station and walked across the street to the hotel to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • The weather today started off bad again.. it was in the 50s and raining.   The forecast called for clearing again at lunch time.  So we were in no hurry to start our day.  We had visiting all of our “must see” attractions and show and today was to be a park hopping day to fill in some lower priority items.
  • Since it was raining pretty good and we felt that we should get started decided to head to the DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta to take a look around.  The original plan was to do this on Friday morning before leaving but with the rain thought it was a good idea to go see it and stay dry. 
  • The hotel had a couple banners for the 35th Anniversary celebration but not much else. I was disappointed.  It was nice to visit the lobby and enjoy the views but it seemed lacking compared to the Ambassador hotel which had more banners and signs.  
  • On previous trips I had not noticed that the walkway from the Resort Line to the Hotel MiraCosta was partially uncovered.  So you had to walk in the rain to get between sections.  A good portion of it is covered but there are gaps on either end where you have to walk uncovered.
  • It was still raining as we arrived at Tokyo DisneySea so we decided to visit indoor attractions in Mermaid Lagoon and then the Magic Lamp Theatre and Sindbad while we waited for it to clear.    The biggest challenge was getting to these attractions from the front of the park. There is almost no cover along the way.  So we got fairly wet enroute. 
  • The rain had let up as predicted and we were able to enjoy the park more as it turned to afternoon.   We had good timing and a minimal wait for the Gondolas thanks to a show that was wrapping up in the lagoon.
  • I continued my quest to see more of the park atmosphere entertainment this trip taking in a performance of the Maritime Band and the Diamond Sisters.  Both were entertaining performances.  I really wish they listed show times for more of these acts.
  • We hopped over to Disneyland in the early afternoon.  First stop to try our luck at the lottery.  Today we were extremely lucky and won tickets to both One Man’s Dream II and Dreaming Up!     Our goal was One Man’s Dream which we tried for first and won.  Then decided why not try for the parade.   It was a very pleasant surprise.
  • The space we won was in the central hub just to the left of center when entering from World Bazaar.  It was a sitting area (maybe some standing in the back).  We saw this and the crowd waiting to get in and decided there was no need to see the parade again from this vantage point so decided to pass on the space.   I did end up watching the parade form Fantasyland since I had time before my FastPass.  It was not as good of a view but it was closer to where I wanted to be.
  • For it’s a small world we ended up going on before our FastPass time because there was a minimal wait.  Figured waiting 5 minutes to ride was less time than waiting 15 minutes for our FastPass to come up.  By the time we exited the stand by wait had swelled back up to nearly an hour.
  • It’s a small world officially reopened on Sunday for the park’s 35th anniversary.   It had a major renovation/rebuild and they added quite a few Disney characters throughout.  I thought the integration of the characters was well done and it featured more than Anaheim.  It seemed to be more the Hong Kong model of integration which we enjoyed.   The only drawback was the guests in the row behind us were extremely loud and excited the entire trip.
  • We used our lottery seats for One Man’s Dream II.  We were in the chairs close to the stage. The view was ok, but not ideal as we were actually below stage level, but the chairs were larger than the space you get on the benches and they had a back so it was a much more comfortable way to see the show.
  • After the show decided to use a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear.   After experiencing the Shanghai version this version was a let down.  Tokyo has the same as Anaheim more or less.. 
  • We decided to leave the park for dinner and grab a burger at Kua ‘Aina in Ikspiari.   I think their burgers are much better than those in the park.   Plus the shoe-string fries are great too.   The only challenge here for me is ordering.  There is a slight language barrier.  I wanted a plain burger, with nothing on it and that took some time to communicate, same thing happened last visit to Tokyo too.   This time I pointed to the menu and said no for each item but it still took several tries (my phone was charging in my bag at the table so I could not use Google Translate,  I think that would have really helped).  In the end the order that showed up at the table was 100% correct so the several minutes of ordering was worth it.
  • We arrived back at Disneyland just as the 7:20pm projection show was going on so watched that as we walked through World Bazaar quickly toward the Central Plaza to find a spot for Dreamlights.  
  • We lucked out and found a spot in an area I like just before the 7:30pm start of the parade in Fantasyland.    So with no real wait we ended up with a great spot. 
  • After the parade the rest of the group left and I roamed around for a bit trying to figure out where I wanted to stand for the Brand New Dream fireowrks.  I found a spot in the central plaza with a view of Cinderella Castle that I thought would line up ok with the fireworks.  Turns out my guess was fairly good and it was an uncrowded spot with a great view.  Only draw back was the music was on the loud side and a little distorted.
  • After the fireworks headed back to the room to call it a night.  Even with the big crowds leaving the park the Resort Line was not that packed so it was a quick and pleasant trip back.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 8.0
Steps 21,343
Moderate Steps 14,306
Moderate Steps/Time 128

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