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April 17, 2018 - Day 4: Tokyo Disneyland

Slept in until 6:30am this morning.  Awoke to mostly cloudy skies but no rain.  Ate breakfast at the Sheraton Club and on my way to Bayside Station around 9:00am.  Arrived at Disneyland around 9:15am and was able to walk right into the park, the initial rush had entered.  Took some pictures in the entrance area then strolled through World Bazaar.  Turned right toward Tomorrowland and picked up Monsters Inc FastPasses.   Continued on to try our luck at the lottery for One Man’s Dream, we did not succeed.  Walked by Toon Town and into Fantasyland.  Took some pictures of it’s a small world and then visited the Haunted Mansion since it was posted at 13 min wait only.  Made my way into Westernland and stopped by the Shooting Gallery to use a freebie I won.  Then paid the Country Bears a visit.  Found a spot for the 11:05am parade.  Some stopped for ice cream and I went to pick up small world FastPasses.   We wandered around Fantasyland, I caught a performance of a quartet near the castle.  Then a dance duo in Tomorrowland.  Used my Monsters Hide and Seek FastPass then strolled back through World Bazaar.  Decided to head to Ikspairi for lunch, making a quick stop at the hotel to meet one of our group.   Walked around ikspairi and then paid a visit to Bon Voyage as the rain started to fall.  Made our way back to Disneyland as it continued to rain.  Ran to get a FastPass for Buzz then joined my group in Adventureland to see the Tiki Room.  The rain continued to increase so went for a trip on the train to see if it was going to pass.  It kept getting worse.  So walked back to World Bazaar and decided to return to the hotel to check the weather and dry out a bit before formulated a plan for the evening.  Spent a little over an hour in the room then headed back to the park via the Resort Line.  Spent some time on World Bazaar watching the projection show and then moved out to the Central Plaza to wait for Dreamlights.  They cancelled the parade a few minutes before it was scheduled to start and no Nightfall Glow tonight either.  It had started to drizzle again so decided it was time to head back to the room and wait for more favorable weather in the coming days.

Thoughts & Observations
  • Since this was going to be our second full day at Disneyland (due to our 4 day pass requiring one full day in each park and the first visit was a single day ticket) we were in no rush to get to the park. We arrived around 9:15am and were able to walk in with no delays at either security or the front gate.  It was a very pleasant experience. 
  • Tried our luck at the lottery first and failed to secure a ticket to One Man’s Dream and they were not conducting a lottery for Dream Up! Today.
  • I picked up a FastPass for Monsters Inc. Hide and Seek and with it came a bonus ticket for a free round at the Shooting Gallery.  We stopped by later in the morning to take a look and the cast member allowed us to use the ticket several hours before it was valid.  We learned I am a terrible shot with those guns.. I went 0 for 10.
  • Paid a visit to the Country Bear Jamboree, which every time I do just re-enforces how much I miss them at Disneyland.  Even the abbreviated show in Orlando is better than nothing! 
  • I was debating about watching Dreaming Up! and when we were able to find a good spot 10 minutes before the parade I decided to stay and watch it.  It was great to see it from ground level and closer, a different perspective than my first viewing the other day.
  • While roaming through Fantasyland stumbled upon the Court Jester Quartet performing.  They played several Disney Classics as well as the Brand New Day, the 35th Anniversary theme song.
  • We decided to head to Ikspiari for lunch and a little shopping then returned to the park.   It was really relaxing to grab a bite to eat there compared to the park.   Also there are lunch specials at many locations. We ate at TGI Friday’s and they had lunch specials and reduced drink prices.
  • Paid a visit to the Enchanted Tiki Room with Stitch.  The show is still a little awkward to me but I was happy that we all had working translation devices which made it really easy to follow the dialog.  I really wish they had these for other attractions and shows.
  • Rain returned in late afternoon and evening so we worked to stay out of it and even took a break at the hotel to dry out.  The forecast called for it to let up ventured back to the park after dark to see the projection show and then find a spot for Dreamlights.   Was disappointed they cancelled it and did not run Nightfall Glow either, so no parade this evening.   The rain had stopped by the ground was still fairly wet.    

Pedometer Stats
Miles 6.9
Steps 18,229
Moderate Steps 11,718
Moderate Steps/Time 105

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