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April 16, 2018 - Day 3: Tokyo DisneySea

Slept in until just after 6am this morning.   Got ready to go and was on my way to the Sheraton Club for breakfast around 7am when it opened.   Left for the resort line just after 8am and arrived at DisneySea just before 8:30am park opening.  Enjoyed the band performing in the entrance plaza then made our way into the park. First stop the lottery.. we won tickets for Big Band Beat so a positive way to start off.  Hiked out to Port Discovery and paid a visit to Nemo Searider then Aquatopia.  I walked quickly back to the Mediterranean Harbor to catch the Happiest Celebration on the Sea then returned to join the rest of my group in Port Discovery.  Grabbed a FastPass for Journey to the Center of the Earth then we boarded the Electric Railway to the American Waterfront.   Caught the end of the Easter Band in Waterfront Park then took some pictures of the Easter decorations.  Saw another group perform in front of McDucks then decided to see if there were any Toy Story Fastpasses left (there were but not till 9pm return time).  Walked out to Mysterious Island to use my Journey to the Center of the Earth FastPass then back to the harbor to catch Fashionable Easter at 11:30am.   After the show made our way to Mermaid Lagoon and lunch.  After lunch spent some time in the Lost River Delta before boarding the Steamer for the American Waterfront.   Walked to Fortress Explorations and spent some time wandering around.   Saw the Happiest Celebration on the Sea from the Fortress then made our way back to the American Water front to use our 3:20pm Big Band Beat tickets.   After the show spent some time on the decks of the Columbia then did some shopping since some of the group was calling it an early day.    I watched the 4:30pm Fashionable Easter as I walked toward the Cape Cod area.   Ended up grabbing a bite to eat at the Cape Cod Cook-Off and since it was last call and no crowds watched the My Friend Duffy Show.   After the show hopped on the Steamer to the Lost River Delta.  Saw there was no line so walked around and took it back to the American Waterfront.  Strolled through Port Discovery and into the Lost River Delta.   Continued on to the Arabian Coast.  Went for a flight on Jasmine’s Flying Carpets then roamed around the area.   There was no line so went on Scuttle’s Scooters since I had never experienced it.  Walked back through the Lost River Delta and into Port Discovery.  Went for a second visit to Nemo then took the Electric Railway to the American Waterfront.  Had about 10 minutes until Fantasmic so took some pictures then went to find a spot for the show.  After the show moved to a spot to watch  the Brand New Dream fireworks.   Once they had concluded joined the masses exiting the park.  Took the Resort  Line back to Bayside Station then walked across the street to the hotel to wrap up my day.

Thoughts & Observations
  • The weather today started and ended cool but mid day was very comfortable.  We spent the day at Tokyo DisneySea and the park did not feel crowded.  For example. we arrived at park opening and the lines to get in were the shortest we have experienced which was a positive way to start the day.
  • Continuing our great start we won tickets to Big Band Beat!   We were very close to the stage, third row but on the very end of the row.  So it was an awkward angle but a great view.
  • Our first attraction was the Nemo and Friends SeaRider attraction in Port Discovery.  This opened in May of 2017 so it was our first trip.  We picked up FastPasses then got in line since it was under 10 minutes.  For this first ride we were seated in the second row.      The SeaRider attraction consists of a preshow where they introduce you to the sub and explain how you are being shrunk to Nemo’s size, or at least that is what it seemed like, it is presented in Japanese only.   Then you enter a theater and are seated.  The theater can be thought of as an oversized Star Tours type platform.  It has movement that is more than say the moving floor of the Magic Eye theater at Disneyland for Captain E-O and Honey I Shrunk the Audience and less than Star Tours.     The film is in 3D and there are side panels too with some video.   Just like Star Tours there are several segments that are randomly selected so you can have different experiences.   Over the course of my week I experienced the attraction several times and the various sequences stitch together fairly well.  From the various rides I thought sitting in the middle to back was a better experience than up front.   Overall I thought it was a fun attraction.  It was not nearly as intense as StormRider, the attraction it replaced.   The placement in Port Discover from a thematic/story side is a little bit of a stretch but not completely horrible.  
  • Saw the Happiest Celebration on the Sea which is features several characters on a boat making a couple passes through the main lagoon in the Mediterranean Harbor.  Onboard are Mickey, Minnie, Duffy & his Friends plus Donald, Daisy and Goofy.   They are all decked out in their 35th Anniversary costumes and the theme A Brand New Day is featured.  The show is just over 10 minutes and concludes with a couple daytime pyrotechnics.   I thought found it to be a nice way to see the characters. It surprises me how long guests will wait for these shows.  They were lining up at park opening for the first show which was over an hour away.
  • The Easter Celebration this year is primarily at Tokyo DisneySea, with Disneyland focused on the 35th anniversary only.   For Easter there are large eggs in several locations around the park, some photo ops in the American Waterfront and an egg hunt.  Plus the Fashionable Easter show has returned. 
  • The Fashionable Easter show takes place in/around Mediterranean Harbor a couple of times a day and features a very large cast performing along the perimeter of the lagoon as well as on several stages around the lagoon and boats on the water.  They show was almost identical to the 2015 version I saw.  The music did change in a couple of parts and some of the characters had slightly altered costumes.  It is an impressive show with its scale and high energy level.  The dialog is lost on me since it is all in Japanese and no translation devices are available.  The music is a mix with a very large portion of it in English.
  • I always enjoy the transportation attractions and with the Electric Railway and the Tokyo DisneySea Steamers there are two great choices in this park.   The steamers have received new sound tracks for the 35th anniversary.  I was able to experience them several times over the course of my visit.  The new tracks were ok but not that memorable or exciting to me. They worked well and the trips are enjoyable.
  • Spent some time at Fortress Explorations.  This is one of my favorite ways to spend time.  You get some great views of the park and the details and rooms in this walk through attraction are great to see.  Plus it is rarely crowded so you can escape the crowds a bit.
  • Big Band Beat was the same show as before.  It is extremely entertaining and the performers are great!  So we had a good time.   If you are not familiar with the show it features Big Band and Jazz music performed by a live band and singers.  It includes several characters too.   They do not allow pictures or video in the theater.
  • I stopped by the Cape Cod Cook-Off to grab a bite to eat and as I went to find a place to eat I noticed no line for the dining room that hosts the My Friend Duffy show. I had never been there since there was always a long line.  So being able to walk right in was great.  Also since there was no crowd you were able to choose your own seat where as most of the time cast members seat you.   I took a look around and started to eat and the final show of the day began so I was able to see the Duffy and Friends on stage.  It was a nice experience and with no wait and no crowd very enjoyable.  The show featured Mickey, Minnie, Duffy , ShellieMay and Gelatoni.  Also Tippy Bllue is there as AA figure.   The show is approximately 10 minutes in length and runs continuously throughout the day with a brief 5 minute break between shows.
  • The theme for this evening was transportation.  I made a couple of trips on the Steamer as well as the Electric Railway so it was a great evening!
  • I did some Egg Hunting too.   Since I did not buy the map it was a little tricky. I did take a look at a map in a shop so I sort of cheated because I wanted to see what they counted as part of the hunt.  They had large eggs that featured characters inside. There were also large eggs that were painted.  Then there were smaller eggs.  For the hunt it was these smaller eggs.    I found it to be much more challenging than the hunts at Disneyland because of the size of the eggs.  The maps were interesting as they gave three possible areas for each egg to narrow down the search.  It was relatively small with less than a handful of eggs.
  • Went for my first flight on Jasmine’s Flying Carpets in the Arabian Coast.  On previous trips it was either closed or had a long wait.  The experience is the same as any other spinner attraction (Dumbo, Rocket Jets, etc).   The lighting and fountains were well done and there is an observation area like Paris has.   Also interesting no photography once you are in your carpet.  They must have told me a handful of times. They even had signs the cast members were holding.  
  • Continuing my trend of new experiences today I paid a visit to Scuttle’s Scooters.  This is a spinner attraction located in Mermaid Lagoon. I am not sure how to describe it except a carnival type ride with an under the sea theme.  It was an ok experience. I am glad I only had to wait one cycle to board.  
  • I was debating whether or not to watch Fantasmic! and then as I was walking along I found a spot with what looked to be a good view a few minutes before showtime.  Turned out it was a decent spot for a less than 10 minute wait.  Fantasmic! at Tokyo DisneySea is presented in the round in the main harbor area.  
  • I closed out my night with the Brand New Dream fireworks.  The show features the 35th anniversary theme song.  The shells felt about the same as previous Tokyo Disney shows.  So it was short and not overly impressive but still a nice way to end the evening.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 9.6
Steps 25,474
Moderate Steps 15,913
Moderate Steps/Time 140

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