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November 18, 2016 - Day 7:
Last Day

Our last day in Tokyo. We were up again around 6am and spent some time packing up. Around 8am decided to venture out and go for a ride on the Resort Line to DisneySea. Walked over to the Mira Costa to check out there Christmas decorations and look around then back on the monorail to the Gateway Station. Stopped by Bon Voyage and then the Disneyland Hotel. Boarded the Resort Line to head back to the Sheraton. Most of the group disembarked here, I opted to go around again. I exited at the Gateway station and walked around Ikspiari and the JR Station then over to the Disneyland Station to catch a ride back to the hotel on the Resort Line. Made it make to the room with 30 minutes to spare then we headed down to wait for the airport bus. The bus showed up on time and we arrived at the airport with no delays. Arrived at the check in area just as they were opening up for our flight. Checked in, went through security and headed for the lounge. Relaxed and waited for boarding time. The flight boarded and left on time. No issues at all. Arrived back at LAX and of course had to sit and wait for a gate. Customs was a breeze, no waiting this time. Waited for the parking lot shuttle then headed for home to wrap up this trip.

Thoughts & Observations
  • My last day in Tokyo started off packing up everything then venturing out to roam around. Since we had a late check out we did not have to check the bags or anything which was a real plus. The morning was fairly clear but cold.
  • Since we were leaving around noon I did not buy park tickets today and we decided to take a look around the resorts. First stop was the Mira Costa which I had not been to yet this trip. There Christmas decorations were very understated. There was a nice photo op outside and some touches inside but no focal tree or large display. It worked for the resort but I was expecting more.
  • Stopped by Bon Voyage and was surprised to see 2017 merchandise out in force already. November was only half over. I never understood the appeal of buying merchandise for the year you are not visiting. Today was Mickey's birthday so there were a couple special merchandise items out. Was disappointed the pin did not say Tokyo on it. The button did so I bought that but I would have preferred a pin but saw no added value in buying unless it said Tokyo and was dated.
  • I still had time after shopping so did a last lap on the Resort line taking in the sites and preparing to head for home. I did walk around the JR station a bit since I had not really spent any time seeing what was on the other side of the station and I had some time. There really was nothing of note.
  • The airport bus was on time, as expected in Tokyo, and was a smooth trip with no delays. Last time we went to the airport at night so it was different seeing it in the daytime.
  • The airport check in was smooth. We arrived just as they were opening the check in queues and being in business meant only a couple minute wait. They were checking in two Delta flights at once. Delta does not have a lounge in Haneda so we got passes for the TIAT lounge and annex lounge. We visited the annex lounge since it was nearest our gate. It was great! When we first arrived it was nearly empty. So we had out pick of seats and food. The view of the airport was fun too and we could see across the bay to where Disney is. The downside to this is I wanted to go back already !
  • The flight was uneventful. It was about 9 hours only. The crew was great. They were friendly and had good humor. The Delta 777 we were on was old and needed retrofitting. For example it took two flight attendants, myself, and two forks to get my tray table out. Or the TV in front of me would not stay out so they had to wedge something in there (a fork was the instrument of choice again). And I was in business! Curious how it was in the rest of the plane.
  • Landed at LAX and as always it is a depressing airport to land at. We were at a far gate since it was a big plane so it was a substantial hike to customs. It was a breeze to go through customs. Only a couple minutes and our luggage was one of the first sets off the plane this time. Unfortunately then we had to wait a long time for our shuttle to the parking we used (guess that is what happens when you park at a place with value in the title!). The traffic home was not bad either since it was mid morning. Got home late morning and had time to unpack, rest and prepare for Disneyland on Saturday!

Pedometer Stats
Miles 4.0
Steps 10,616
Moderate Steps 6,301
Moderate Steps/Time 57

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