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November 16, 2015 - Day 5:
Parking Hopping

Started off the morning sleeping in until 6:00am. Got some things done at the hotel,like buying a bus ticket back to the airport for later this week and then new Resort Line tickets before heading to Tokyo DisneySea. Arrived at the park about 15 minutes after park opening so we were able to walk right in. First stop the lottery for Big Band Beat, we failed. So walked to the American Waterfront and took a look at the massive Toy Story FastPass wait and hopped on the Electric Railway to Port Discovery. Walked onto the Aquatopia then strolled back to the Cape Cod area for some pictures. Walked along the water to Fortress Exploration and explored a bit. At 9:30am watched a Perfect Christmas from the top of the Fortress. After the show walked into Mysterious Island and went on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and then walked around the Lost River Delta and doubled back to the Mermaid Lagoon to grab a bite to eat and find the rest of my group. After eating passed back through the Mysterious Island and made our way to the American Waterfront and McDucks to pick up some items for a friend. Found a spot for the 11:45am Crystal Wishes Journey show near the entrance. After the show some of the group made a quick trip back to the hotel and I took some pictures of the area then headed for Disneyland. Wandered around World Bazaar and then found a spot for Happiness is Here Parade. The group rejoined me then set off to try their luck at the lottery for One Man's Dream II. After the parade I joined them in Tomorrowland and found out we won. Picked up FastPasses for Buzz Lightyear then strolled through Fantasyland and out to Critter Country. Ended up walking all the way out to the Canoes and then back. Followed the Rivers of America to Westernland to the dead end by Big Thunder. Circled back through Westerland and then into Adventureland. Caught a little of the Super Duper Jumpin Show on the way toward World Bazaar. Decided to head to Ikspiari for dinner tonight, so walked over there, ate, then took the Resort Line back to Disneyland. Stopped by the Great American Waffle Store for a snack and then hiked out to Haunted Mansion to check for a FastPass. Of course they were closed so walked back to World Bazaar to find the rest of my group then we all hung out in the Central Plaza for a while before heading to Tomorrowland to see One Man's Dream II. After the show used our Buzz FastPasses and then the rest of the group headed for the hotel and I wandered around Tomorrowland, Toon Town and Fantasyland before finding a spot across from the Haunted Mansion for Dream Lights. After the parade paid a visit to the Mansion then walked the parade route through Westernland and back to World Bazaar. Found a spot near the Partners Statue for Sky High Wishes and Once Upon a Time. Then called it a night and took the Resort Line to Bayside station and walked across the street to the hotel.

Thoughts & Observations
  • This morning had to purchase new Resort Line Passes. The longest you can buy is 4 days so had to purchase a 3 day pass for my remaining days. The process is easy but just another step to take. The nice thing is by doing this we were able to get different designs to enlarge our pass collection.
  • We had no pressing goal this morning in the parks so opted to schedule our arrival for about 15 minutes after park opening. This allowed us to show up and just about walk right in. So in reality got in the park maybe 5 minutes later than if we had arrived 15 minutes before park opening.
  • It is always fun to see the long lines when you do not have to be in the chaos. Today the Toy Story FastPass distribution line filled most of the street almost out to Columbus Circle. It was probably a 30 minute wait to get a FastPass. Standby was already well over an hour. Before entering the park we thought about trying for one but once we saw this decided to just wait until we return to California where the wait time is probably less than the FastPass distribution wait.
  • Aquatopia was a literal walk on. This time our journey seemed longer than what I remembered. With no wait it was a fun experience. We also paid a visit to Fortress Explorations and 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas in the morning and they were all pleasant experiences with no crowds. Same for doing some shopping in the morning. You could walk through the stores with no problem.
  • Watched A Perfect Christmas from Fortress Explorations. It was not a good spot for this show, since very little of it takes place on the water. Only three boats come out and circle. I was not planning on watching the show from there but we were there so stopped to check it out.
  • Saw the 15th Anniversary Crystal Wishes show. It follows the same mold as the Easter & Christmas. It utilizes the harbor more than the Christmas Wishes does and depends less on the stages. It involves a large number of cast members. Most impressive to me is the park is running this show once a day and the Christmas show two times a day.
  • Spent some time in the afternoon exploring Critter Country. On my last visit I did not head out that way since it was raining and cold and I was tight on time. This trip it was on my list to walk around and see the sights. The views of the steam trains along the river were great. Hopefully it is a hint at some of the access/views that will be coming to Anaheim with the re-configuring of the Rivers of America.
  • Dinner - Hawaii burgers - decent. Hard to order, don't like substitutions
  • My Haunted Mansion quest for another ride continue to hit snags. The other day the issue was I missed the return window for two or three FastPasses. Today I checked the board and it said they were available. Walked out there and as I arrived they were covering the machines and had closed it. Found it funny how I kept missing it.
  • The Omnibus was running after dark today. It was wrapping up its final circle when I arrived so I did not get a chance to ride. I was looking at the guests on board and it looked rather tight and it drivers really really slow around the central plaza.
  • We won the lottery for One Man's Dream II so went to a showing. It was a full house which meant you were packed in pretty tight. It is assigned seating but the seat allocations are made for small people. Also the seats only have a partial back and are rather uncomfortable. The show itself was great to see again and this time it was dark so you could see the lighting effects better.
  • One of the few maintenance issues of the trip.. on Buzz my gun was having issues. It would only hit really close targets. On mid and far range you did not even see the beam. So not sure what it was doing but something was off.
  • Walked through Toontown around 7pm and it was really quiet, especially considering it was a pleasant evening.
  • I watched Dreamlights from Fantasyland. I was directly across from the Haunted Mansion since that was my destination after the parade. It felt odd to me to watch a parade with the Mansion as a backdrop. The other locations I have used in Tokyo of WesternLand, the Central Plaza and even Tomorrowland/Toontown did not feel that way but at night with the Mansion was different.
  • I was surprised that after Dreamlights it was relatively easy to cross the street and there was no wait for the Haunted Mansion. I figured it would back up as guests were cut off during the parade and after it would get crowded quickly.
  • Sky High Wishes is a new show for me, it was launched for the 15th Anniversary and is not substantially better than the old Happiness on High show. Felt about the same to me, just different shells and timing.. but nothing like the shows Disneyland in Anaheim has been putting on.
  • This evening the weather was better so Once Upon a Time ran with all its effects. I watched from further back and I prefer the wider view.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 9.8
Steps 25,953
Moderate Steps 16,825
Moderate Steps/Time 153

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