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My pictures from the Disneyland Paris Resort & touring Paris, Versailles & Normandy (D-Day Beaches).


September 26 - October 6, 2015

Day 1 - Arrival in Paris & Disneyland Park

September 26-27, 2015

Part I: Travel to Paris & 1st Look Around
The journey to France and the Disneyland Paris. A first look at Disney's Sequoia Lodge and walk through Disney Village to reach the parks.

Part II: Disneyland Paris - Fantasyland
Entering the park, Le Pays des Contes de Fees and Casey Jr.

Part III: Disneyland Paris
A first look at Fantasyland, Adventureland and Main Street USA.

Part IV: Main Street Pumpkins
A closer look at the pumpkins on Main Street USA. Pictures of most on the right side when facing the castle.

Part V: A couple attractions & Disney Dreams
To close out my night a trip on Pirates of the Caribbean & Phantom Manor before concluding the evening with Disney Dreams!

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Day 2 - Disney's Sequoia Lodge & Disneyland Park

September 28, 2015

Part I: Disney's Sequoia Lodge
A look around the hotel and the Golden Forest Lounge breakfast.

Part II: Disneyland Paris - Morning Touring
The walk to the park then we wander through the park visiting some attractions in Discoveryland, Fantasyland and Adventureland before lunch.

Part III: Disneyland Paris - Walt's & Frontierland
Lunch at Walts and then we explore Frontierland in depth.

Part IV: Adventureland & Fantasyland
I start off in Adventureland visiting Adventure Isle then the Aladdin Walkthrough. Then into Fantasyland the Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough and Alice's Maze before ending by visiting Pinocchio.

Part V: La Magie Disney en Parade!
The daily parade called Disney Magic on Parade!

Part VI: Main Street USA & Disney Dreams
Wrapped up my day hanging out on Main Street USA and in the Discovery Arcade before watching Disney Dreams!

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Day 3 - Disney's Hotels, Walt Disney Studios Park & Disneyland Park

September 29, 2015

Part I: Disney's Sequoia Lodge & Hotel New York
Started off the morning walking the grounds of Lodge then paid a visit to the Hotel New York next door.

Part II: Walt Disney Studios Park
My 1st visit to this park includes a walk around and a trip on the Backstage Studio Tram Tour.

Part III: Walt Disney Studios Park - Remy's
Lunch at Remy's then an aternoon roaming the park including Moteurs... Action!

Part IV: Disney Magic on Parade!
A second look at Disney Magic on Parade! this time from Town Square.

Part V: Lucky Nugget & Fantasyland
Dinner at the Lucky Nugget in Frontierland then some time as the sunsets enjoying Fantasyland.

Part VI: Disneyland Park - Main Street Pumpkins
More Main Street pumpkins. today a look at the Frontierland/Adventureland side of the street.

Part VII: Main Street / Attraction Posters
A look around Main Street then some attraction posters on the way out to call it an early evening.

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Day 4 - Paris Sightseeing

September 30, 2015

Part I: Eiffel Tower
Started my morning off with a train ride into Downtown Paris. First stop the Eiffel Tower on a very clear morning.

Part II: Seine River Cruise
Took a one hour cruise on the Seine River to take in the sights of central Paris from waterlevel.

Part III: Notre Dame Cathedral
After lunch visited Notre Dame. Walked through the interior then did the climb to the bell tower (all 422 steps).

Part IV: Louvre
Spent some time in the Louvre taking in the highlights before dinner.

Part V: Arc de Triomphe & Eiffel Tower @ Sunset
Closer out my day by visiting the Arc de Triomphe then deciding to skip the steps and instead took the Metro to a hill to see the Eiffel Tower lights before returning to Disney.

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Day 5 - Versailles & Disney after dark

October 1, 2015

Part I: Palace of Versailles
The joruney to Versailles then some pictures from my time inside the main palace.

Part II: Gardens of Versailles & Marie Antoinette's Estate
A walk through the gardens of Versailles then a visit to the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon before walking the grounds of Marie Antoinette's Estate.

Part III: Disney Village & Disneyland Park
Concluded my day with dinner at the Steakhouse in the Disney Village then a showing of Disney Dreams! in Disneyland Park.

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Day 6 - Halloween Festivites at Disneyland Park

October 2, 2015

Part I: Main Street USA & Frontierland
Halloween festivities on Main Street USA and in Frontierland.

Part II: Mickey's Halloween Celebration
A parade celebrating Halloween and the Fall Harvest.

Part III: Adventureland
A walk through Adventureland with a focus on La Cabane des Robinson (the Swiss Family Tree House) and the restuarant Hakuna Matata.

Part IV: Frontierland
A visit to the Cottonwood Creek Ranch to see Mickey, a look at the shootin gallery, Phantom Manor then lunch at the Silver Spur Steakhouse

Part V: Villains
It's Good to Be Bad with the Disney Villains! show.

Part VI: Discoveryland
A look around Discoverland including a trip on the Autopia and a look at the Jedi Training Academy.

Part VII: Fantasyland
Disney Magic on Parade from Fantasyland then a visit to Le Le Carrousel de Lancelot

Part VIII: Villains & Disney Village
I wrap up the day with a second visit to the Villains show and then a walk back to the hotel through the Disney Village.

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Day 7 - D-Day Beaches

October 3, 2015

A day trip to Normandy to tour the D-Day Landing Beaches

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Day 8 - More Halloween Festivites at Disneyland Park, Disney Hotels, and a quick trip to the Studios

October 4, 2015

Part I: Disney Village and Main Street USA & Frontierland
Spent some time at the stores in the Disney Village then off to Disneyland Park and a walk through the Fort in Frontierland.

Part II: Halloween Parade & Pumpkin Carving
A closer look at La Celebration Halloween de Mickey, the daily Halloween Parade and then off to Frontierland for pumpkin carving.

Part III: Discoveryland
A quick trip to Fantasyland to see Maleficent then lunch at Pizza Planet.

Part IV: Hotel Cheyenne
A look around Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

Part V: Hotel Santa Fe
A look around Disney's Hotel Santa Fe

Part VI: Walt Disney Studios Park
A walk around the Studios park including a visit to the Art of Disney Animation.

Part VII: Disneyland Hotel
A look around the Disneyland Hotel (and a quick trip into Disneyland Park).

Part VIII: Main Street USA Windows & Signs
A closer look at the windows and signs on Main Street USA.

Part IX: Disneyland After Dark
A wider look at Main Street USA as I head to Fantasyland to check out the area after sunseet. I wrap up the day with Disney Dreams!

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Day 9 - My last full day in the parks

October 5, 2015

Part I: Roaming Disneyland Park
I spent some time roaming Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland & Frontierland before lunch.

Part II: Mickey's Halloween Celebration
The Halloween Parade from the hub looking down Main Street USA toward Town Square.

Part III: Disney's Newport Bay Club
A visit to the Newport Bay Club.

Part IV: Disney Studios & Disneyland Park
A rainy afternoon at the two parks of Disneyland Paris.

Part V: Last Evening
My last night in the parks started off with a rainy walk through Disneyland and ended with Disney Dreams!

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Day 10 - Heading Home...

October 6, 2015

A rainy early morning then a quick trip to Disneyland Park before heading back to the room to leave for home. Plus a couple pictures from the journey home.

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