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November 19, 2019 - Day 8 - Final Day in the Parks

Started off the morning with breakfast at the Compass Club Lounge then took a walk through the hotel lobby and out to the pool area. Back to the room to do some packing before heading out to the parks. Today is my last full day. The rain had stopped so we opted to walk to the parks today. Strolled through the Disney Village and stopped at the Disney Store on the way to the parks. First park today Disneyland. Spent some time roaming around Main Street USA and made my way to the hub and then into Fantasyland. Decided to use a Hotel FastPass for Peter Pan's Flight. The walked next door and right onto Pirates of the Caribbean. Past through Adventure Isle and Adventureland on our way to Frontierland. Some in the group used FastPasses for Big Thunder then we walked over for a cruise on the Molly Brown. Once back to the main land headed out of the park to the Disney Village for lunch. Then returned to Disneyland. The 1:20pm Disney's Christmas Parade was just about to start so found a spot in the hub to see a final performance of this parade. Then we headed into Discoveryland and used a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear. The Royal Sparkling Winter Waltz was going on so paused to take some pictures of it then continued up the parade route to Fantasyland for a cruise on it's a small world. Walked through Fantasyland and Sleeping Beauty Castle on our way back to Main Street USA. Walked through some shops and some of the group decided to head back to the room to finish packing and relax. I stayed in the park and made my way back to Discoveryland. Took a look around then found a spot for Let's Sing Christmas. After the show continued through Discoveryland and over to Fantasyland. Visited Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and then the dragon under Sleeping Beauty Castle. Walked through Adventureland and out to Frontierland. Went for a sunset cruise on the Molly Brown then paid a visit to Phantom Manor. Walked back to Main Street and used the Liberty Arcade since the parade was going on to exit the park. Made my way over to the Walt Disney Studios Park and decided to take a stroll through the Backlot and out to Toy Story Playland. Walked back through Ratatouille and then over to the Production Courtyard for SurpriseMickey Christmas Special. After the show returned to Disneyland Park and caught the end of Mickey's Magical Christmas Lights then went into the arcade to warm up before Illuminations. Watched from the middle of Main Street to conclude my time in the parks. After the show joined the exiting crowds and walked through the Disney Village and back to the Newport Bay Club to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • Awoke to a cold and rainy morning so the plan was to do some packing and look around the hotel some since I had not spent a lot of time outside the room. First stop after breakfast was the Bayside Boutique gift shop off the main lobby. This store has some of the best views at the hotel out of Lake Disney.
  • Ventured to the far wing of the hotel to see the indoor pool. It felt like it was really far from our room the way the corridors went. The pool features a large deck feature that looks like a ship. We were able to walk around it and see the pool but since I was not swimming I could not get a picture of it from the opposite angle.
  • Today was my last day in the parks. I had planned on 3-4 days of rain/cold delays and the weather had been better than planned and I was able to visit everything I had wanted to so today there was nothing on the must see list. So we ended up just roaming the parks and enjoying the sunny afternoon. Went back and revisited some of the unique offerings.
  • I found it funny that I had a stack of hotel FastPasses to use and no attractions I needed to use them on. Even when I tried to the cast members told us we could use it elsewhere.. which was great if there would have been a need.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 11.5
Steps 24,303
Moderate Steps 16,254
Moderate Steps/Time 146

Part I: Eiffel Tower Disney's Newport Bay Club & Disneyland Park

Spent the morning exploring the Newport Bay Club then walked to Disneyland visiting the Disney Store in Disney Village on the way. Once in the park visited Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland and took a cruise on the Molly Brown in Frontierland.


Part I: Eiffel Tower Disneyland Park

A sunny afternoon at Disneyland Park including pictures of Disney's Christmas Parade, the Royal Sparkling Winter Waltz and a sunset cruise on the Molly Brown.


Part I: Eiffel Tower Final Visit to Walt Disney Studios Park & Disneyland Park

Spent my last hours visiting both parks afterdark and a final viewing of the night time shows.


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