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Disney's Newport Bay Club

Located on the opposite shore of Lake Disney from the Hotel New York. The hotel was being renovated during my visit in 2015.


  • Cape Cod
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Yacht Club

Other Facilities

Quick Facts
  • 1,093 Rooms
  • Opened April 12, 1992

Geek's Thoughts & Observations
We visited the Newport Bay Club to take a quick look around and wrap up our tour of the Disney Hotels.  Between the construction and the rain it was not a very long visit.  The portions of the hotel that are completed look great.  It has a similar feel to the Yacht & Beach Clubs but it felt slightly less “grand” to me. I did not visit a room nor eat there so I cannot comment on that.


Geek's Pictures & Video

I visited Disneyland Paris in the Fall of 2015. Visit my 2015 Disneyland Paris trip summary page for links to all the picture & video sets.

Day 8 Part III: Discoveryland

October 5, 2015 - Disney's Newport Bay Club

A visit to the Newport Bay Club.