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Disney's Hotel Santa Fe



  • La Cantina
  • Rio Grande Bar

Other Facilities

Quick Facts
  • 1,000 Rooms
  • Opened April 12, 1992

Geek's Thoughts & Observations
  • We walked the grounds of the Hotel Cheyenne then crossed the river/stream to the Hotel Santa Fe.   Even though they are the same class of hotel and same rates the Santa Fe felt lessor to me.   Not sure why..  It also felt more crowded as we walked around.    The Santa Fe has a Cars overlay on it taking the Route 66 idea and Cars Characters combining with a New Mexico feel.  The characters were not over the top but they were present.  I would think kids really enjoy this.  I thought it took away from the Santa Fe feel.    I have seen internet speculation that the Hotel Cheyenne will be receiving a Toy Story overlay/update as part of its renovation.


Geek's Pictures & Video

I visited Disneyland Paris in the Fall of 2015. Visit my 2015 Disneyland Paris trip summary page for links to all the picture & video sets.

Day 8 Part III: Discoveryland

October 4, 2015 - Hotel Santa Fe

A look around Disney's Hotel Santa Fe