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September 26 - October 6, 2015

Day 1 - Arrival & First Visit to Disneyland Paris
September 26 & 27, 2015

The journey from Los Angeles across the United States then the Atlantic to Paris. First impressions of the Sequioa Lodge then an evening at Disneyland Park.

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Day 2 - Disneyland Park
Day 2 - Disneyland Park
September 28, 2015

My first full day was spent at Disneyland Park exploring the park and enjoying the great fall weather. Including a visit to all the lands, several attractions and lunch at Walts on Main Street USA.

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Day 2 - Disneyland Park
Day 3 - Walt Disney Studios Park, Hotel New York & Disneyland Park
September 29, 2015

Visted my 11th Disney Park today the Walt Disney Studios Park. Spent the morning at the Sequoia Lodge then Hotel New York. The evening was spent at Disneyland Park checking out more of the Halloween decorations and Fantasyland.

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Day 4 - Paris Sightseeing
September 30, 2015

A full day of sightseeing including the Effiel Tower, Seine River Cruise, Notre Dame, Louvre, Arc de Triumph

Day 5 - Versailles Sightseeing & Disneyland Park
Day 5 - Versailles Sightseeing & Disneyland Park
October 1, 2015

A morning and afternoon touring Versailles and the gardens then back to Disneyland Paris for the evening.

Day 6 - Halloween
Day 6 - Disneyland Park - Halloween
October 2, 2015

Halloween has kicked off so today I spent the day enjoying the festivities at Disneyland Park. Including the character Meet & Greets, Parade, Villians & more.

Day 6 - Halloween
Day 7 - Normandy - D-Day Beaches
October 3, 2015

A day trip to Normandy to tour the D-Day Landing Beaches

Day 6 - Halloween
Day 8 - Disneyland Park & Hotel Cheyenne, Hotel Santa Fe & Disneyland Hotel
October 4, 2015

A recovery day after all the sightseeing and enjoying the pleasant weather and Halloween at Disneyland Park including lunch at Pizza Planet and visited the Hotel Cheyenne, Hotel Santa Fe, and Disneyland Hotels.

Day 6 - Halloween
Day 9 - A soggy day at Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios Park & Newport Bay Club
October 5, 2015

Our good weather came to an end today with clouds then around 1pm rain. Visited the Newport Bay Club and toured the parks in the rain and it let up right before Disney Dreams.

Day 6 - Halloween
Day 10 - Disneyland Park & Departure
October 6, 2015

The rain continued into the mid morning but then broke and I ran to Disneyland Park for one last lap around it before it was time to head to the airport and back to Los Angeles.