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October 1, 2015 - Day 5 - Versailles Sightseeting & Disneyland Park

We were up before the sun again and at the lounge for breakfast at 7am when it opened.  Out for the bus the over to the train station departing around 8am.    Took us about an hour to get downtown today, longer than yesterday, the train kept slowing down and pausing.  We disembarked the train in Versailles at 9:50am so it was nearly two hours to make the trek.   We were at the Palace gate after buying our ticket at 10:20am.. so no real wait.. through security and inside at 10:30am.    We toured the palace for the next couple of hours and then headed out to the Gardens.  Walked out to the Grand Canal and then over to the Grand Trianon.  Walked through the building then the gardens on our way to the Peitit Trianon.  Passed through more of Marie-Antoinette’s Estate and roamed around the Queen’s Hamlet before making the trek back to the RER Station.  We stayed exited at the Queen’s Gate and walked through the city to the RER stop and headed back to Disney.  The around 3:40pm and were back at the Disney Station at 5:16pm.   Took a bus back to the Lodge and stopped by the Golden Forest Lounge for a snack and something to drink.  Then back to the room to drop off some things and then we headed for dinner in the Disney Village.  Ate at the Steakhouse.  After dinner the others went back to the room stopping at the Hotel New York along the way.  I headed for Disneyland Park and arrived 30 minutes prior to Disney Dreams.  Walked around Main Street USA and made my way up to the Castle to find a spot about 10 minutes before the start of the show.  Enjoyed the show from up close then took the Liberty Arcade back to the entrance and passed through the Disney Village and back to the Lodge to call it a night.


Thoughts & Observations
  • The train ride out to Versailles took us about 2 hours.  It was slow going in many spots and seemed to pause much more than yesterday.  Not sure if it was a timing thing or just morning commute. 
  • Once we arrived in Versailles we followed the masses to the Palace which was a couple blocks from the train station.  We were prepared for lines and waits based on the fact that we did not pre-book anything and the weather was decent.   As we approached there were  a fair number of people but many went to the group tour entrance and others lined up at security.  We walked right in and bought our tickets.  All the self serve machines were wide open as were the windows so we talked to a human and were done in a couple minutes and in line for security.  This inched along but still under 10 minutes to get in.
  • We walked the palace and visited the rooms that were open.  Getting around was not bad unless you came into contact with a tour groups.  These were rather large for the small rooms and the people on them as well as the guides were rather rude and would just push/shove/move you out of their way.  Eventually once I figured out if you were aggressive and held your ground and advanced at your will it was ok.  If you tried to be courteous they would just stomp right over you.
  • Walking through the palace the artwork and rooms were ornate bordering on over the top in many cases for my taste.  I found the spaces to start to blend together and look the same after a while.  Guess since I am not overly interested in the subject matter it just blurred together.  There was an audio tour provided with admission and when I got it to work it really did not say anything I was interested in.  The details it focused on just were not high on my priority list.   And things that were barely got mentioned.  For example I would have liked to have heard more about the signing of the treaty of Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors and it got a by the way mention only.
  • The gardens were very impressive for their scale.  The property is huge and the gardens are almost larger than life in feel.  We decided to walk through them and down to the Grand and Petit Trianons and Marie-Antoinette’s Estate.  It was a great Fall afternoon and the walk was pleasant. 
  • There were some cafes/food choices out in the garden and we glanced at the menu and nothing overly interesting jumped out at us so we kept walking.
  • The Grand & Petit Trianons were not overly impressive to me.  They were slightly different than the main palace and of course smaller.  The gardens around them though were really nice and the general feel and less crowded nature made them more enjoyable to tour.
  • I really enjoyed walking the grounds of Marie-Antoinette’s Estate with the gardens and small houses.  It is a much more down to earth feeling but still with an attention to detail that was great to see.    The walk out there was definitely worth it for the change from the main Palace. 
  • To get back to the train station we opted to be adventurous and exit the grounds and walk through Versailles for a bit vs hiking up the hill to the main Palace then back down.  Thought level ground by this point of the day made a lot more sense.. especially for the rest of my traveling party.  It may have been slightly longer since we had to walk in city blocks  and a direct path but no hill was a plus and seeing some of the city a little different.
  • Overall Versailles was interesting.  I thought it was worth seeing.  If someone asked me if I would go back it would really depend on a lot of factors..  but probably not any time soon.  I think there  are other sights to see. 
  • If you are planning on visiting Versailles I would recommend going out to the estate.  I enjoyed that more than the palace.  Also be prepared to walk.  We logged just under 10 miles on the pedometer for the day.
  • The train ride back tool just over 90 minutes so a little quicker than the ride out.   We opted to go back to Disney.  We toyed with the idea of stopping off in downtown Paris for dinner on the way back but we just wanted to be done with the train and opted to transfer and just keep going.
  • For dinner we choose to eat at the Steakhouse in the Disney Village.  This turned out to be the best meal of the trip.  The service was good, the waiter friendly and helpful, and the food was great!   The waiter explained to us the menu and said we could use our vouchers as cash value and order anything we wanted.  This was the first place (and turned out to be only) place that let us do this.  This worked out nicely for me since I am not a big fan of appetizers nor dessert.  So I upgraded my steak and it only cost me a few Euros.
  • A note on Wi-Fi at Disneyland Paris.  The hotels all have Free Wi-Fi as does the Disney Village.  The parks do not except for a little overlap with the Disneyland Hotel that you can pick up.  It was nice to get caught up on the days news while at dinner.
  • Halloween festivities kicked off at Disneyland Park today and last through the end of October.  I will have a full look at them tomorrow.  Today I arrived just before Disney Dreams and did not have time to explore much beyond the decorations we had already seen on Main Street.  They did have some sound effects going tonight though.
  • I was able to find a spot fairly close to the castle about 15 minutes before showtime for Disney Dreams!  It really amazed me how many guests leave the park before the show.  Not sure if this is because of the trains or dinner plans or what but it seemed odd with 8:00pm and 8:30pm closings and show time that they would not stick around.
  • Viewing Disney Dreams! Up close was a slightly different experience.  You could see more detail on the castle projections but the water screens and some of the shells were not clearly visible.  I prefer being further back to take in the full breadth of the show, much like World of Color at Disney California Adventure.
  • I want to close by saying again how useful the arcades on Main Street are.  With the park closing before Disney Dreams that means everyone who is left is on Main Street for the show then they all leave at once.  Having three streams of guests made for no real gridlock and everyone kept moving.. especially compared to the normal traffic jams encountered in Anaheim on a nightly basis.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 11.8 9.8
Steps 31,259 25,888
Moderate Steps 20,599 16,261
Moderate Steps/Time 185 147
  Combined Total Versailles Only

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