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“To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Once upon a time … a master storyteller, Walt Disney, inspired by Europe’s best loved tales, used his own special gifts to share them with the world. He envisioned a Magic Kingdom where these stories would come to life, and called it Disneyland. Now his dream returns to the land that inspired it. Euro Disneyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart … with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration for all the world.”  -- Michael Eisner, April 12, 1992


Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Disneyland Park is the flagship park in Paris. As I walked around the park it was one of contradictions. You could tell the Imagineers took the lessons learned from other Castle parks around the world and applied them here but you could also see how years of neglect and guest use wore the park down. Several things to improve guest flow were very noticeable to me. Starting with the arcades on Main Street. These two corridors parallel Main Street and have the same attention to detail as the park and act as climate controlled alternatives and overflow to Main Street. In Fantasyland Peter Pan is located in the back of the land and features two rows of seats in each ship. Storybook boats are continuously loaded and never stop. These all add up to positive improvements. Attractions were also modified and updated. For example Pirates of the Caribbean they reordered the scenes into a more cohesive story (also as of 2015 it featured no additions from the new films).


Geek's Pictures & Video
 I visited Disneyland Paris in the Fall of 2015. Visit my 2015 Disneyland Paris trip summary page for links to all the picture & video sets.

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