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October 4, 2015 - Day 8 - Disneyland Park & Cheyenne, Sante Fe & Disneyland Hotels

Started off my morning sleeping… which for me translated to about 8am.   Then went for a long breakfast in the Golden Forest Lounge and eventually started walking toward the parks around 10am.  Stopped at some stores in the Disney Village along the way and eventually made it to Main Street USA just before 11am.  Wandered around Main Street enjoying the Halloween festivities and seeing what was going on.    Walked through the Fort at the entrance to Frontierland since it was open today.   After that spent some time roaming Frontierland and Adventureland then out to see the Indiana Jones attraction which had reopened..   before returning to Main Street USA for the 11:50am Halloween Parade.   Afterwards it was back to Frontierland to check out some pumpkin carving Then we went for a later lunch at Pizza Planet in Discoveryland.   After lunch the sun broke through and we hopped on a bus to Hotel Cheyenne and walked the grounds a bit then crossed the canal to the Hotel Santa Fe and did the same before boarding a bus back to the transportation hub.   Once back some of the group went to rest for a while and I headed for the Studios.   Grabbed a snack and then walked out by where the Spiderman Meet and Greet is and circled the park.  Stopped by the Disney Animation attraction and then went to check the line for Ratatouille.  It was too long so took some pictures of the area and Toy Story Playland before returning to Disneyland to meet up with the rest of my group.  We all went to Café Hyperion to use more snack vouchers and then made our way to the Disneyland Hotel.  Walked around it a while then used the wi-fi a bit to get caught up while the others went shopping then to call it an early evening.  I made several laps of Main Street taking pictures of the windows, buildings, etc.. for my archive then headed for Fantasyland as it grew darker.  Took some pictures before they started closing it down for Disney Dreams.  Went for a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean which was a walk on then had to circle around through Frontierland and onto Main Street USA.  Found a warm spot in the Liberty Arcade to queue up some posts then went by the Disneyland Hotel and uploaded them.  Spotted some villains out in Town Square taking pictures so watched them a bit then  took the Discovery Arcade to the hub and finding a spot for Disney Dreams as the 5 minute announcement played.  After the show joined the masses leaving the park.  Walked through the Disney Village and back to the Lodge to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • As we enter the final stretch of the trip with only a couple theme park days left it was great to be ahead of schedule thanks to the great weather and low crowds.    Because of this and the long day yesterday we opted for a leisurely morning at the hotel and then Disney Village before arriving at the park around 11am.
  • As we approached the parks there were more guests than previous days, which makes sense since it was a Sunday morning and the first weekend of Halloween.
  • This morning was our first overcast morning of the trip.  Instead of clear blue skies it was overcast and damp out.  Most of it burned off by mid-day and I would describe it as hazy sunshine to somewhat clear.  By mid afternoon it started to get cool again. 
  • Fort Constock at the entrance to Frontierland houses a walk through called the Legends of the Wild West.  Today it was open and I spent some time walking around.  In addition to the great views of Frontierland there are also a couple different rooms/scenes that you can look into along the way.   The one draw back is there are a lot of steps (up/down) as you make your way around the fort.
  • Today Indiana Jones Et Le Temple Du Peril was open too, it returned from renovation yesterday.  I am not a coaster person so I did not ride, but I did walk out and around the area.   You really cannot get a good view of the attraction but from the glimpses I saw it was very similar to the Tokyo DisneySea Raging Spirits attraction.
  • There was a pumpkin carver out in Frontierland today.  It was great to see the creations and the cast member was really into it taking pictures and interacting with guests.  I really missed the carvers at Disneyland in Anaheim this year.. I hope they return in the future.
  • We had a taste for pizza for lunch.  We had looked at the counter service options and with the meal plan thought it was not a good use of the voucher.. so decided to give the Pizza Planet buffet a try.   The location of this restaurant is very “remote”.   It is located on the back side of Space Mountain near the theater that was showing an Ant-Man preview when we were there.  You have to go through a gate, walk under the train tracks and then down a path.  You feel as if you are leaving the park.  You enter a lobby then eventually the building.  It seems to be a semi temporary structure.  This all set up fairly low expectations for us.    It is really geared toward kids with a play area inside even.   It is not “fancy” by any means.  You eat on paper plates even.   But the food was fresh and decent.  Plus one of the few places with all you can drink/free refills on the fountain drinks.    The pizza was not bad and the salad bar had a fair selection.  The fresh & hot rolls they had were great and a real surprise.   There was also a dessert selection. I would have liked to have seen a simple cookie or brownie option the dessert selection.    I walked away full and pleasantly surprised.   
  • After lunch we headed out to explore some of the Disney Hotels.  They have 7 in the resort.    This afternoon we were going to check out the two "value" hotels, the Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel Santa Fe.
  • Our first stop was the Hotel Cheyenne.   I thought this hotel had a very strange feel to it.  It seemed almost as if it was a movie set of a western vs a recreation/immersive western environment.  It felt really flat to me.  But being a value hotel that made some sense.   The lobby was pleasant with a nice fireplace and the main restaurant looked ok as we walked through.   Once on the central street/primary walkway there was an odd feeling street, adding to this was the fact that it was nearly deserted, as you will see in the pictures.    I did not get to see a room interior so I cannot comment on that.  The hotel is slated for major renovations in the near future.  I believe it is the next hotel on the list after the Newport project wraps up.
  • We walked the grounds of the Hotel Cheyenne then crossed the river/stream to the Hotel Santa Fe.   Even though they are the same class of hotel and same rates the Santa Fe felt lessor to me.   Not sure why..  It also felt more crowded as we walked around.    The Santa Fe has a Cars overlay on it taking the Route 66 idea and Cars Characters combining with a New Mexico feel.  The characters were not over the top but they were present.  I would think kids really enjoy this.  I thought it took away from the Santa Fe feel.    I have seen internet speculation that the Hotel Cheyenne will be receiving a Toy Story overlay/update as part of its renovation.
  • I spent some of the afternoon taking a second pass through the Walt Disney Studios park and visiting a couple of the attractions I had not seen yet.   The park felt busier today than the last visit due to the weekend I think. 
  • I made the mistake of trying to use my snack voucher at the Studios.  It is only good at one location the Restaurant en Coulisse which was extremely busy due to this and no other fast food locations open (or if they were no one knew about it).  The lines moved painfully slow and it was very crowded.
  • I stopped by the Art of Disney Animation.  This was an interesting show.  You start off in a lobby that showcases some of the history of animation and early animation techniques as well as advances like the multi-plane camera.  Then you move into a small theater where they play a long montage of clips from Disney films over the years.  No introduction or context.  I kept thinking it was an intro then something would start.  It did not.  Then you moved on to the next room which is the Drawn to Animation Show that both Anaheim and Orlando had with Mushu interacting with a cast member on stage.   The live show is in French but you could put on a headphone for a taped show in a English, German or Spanish I believe.    They were playing a preview of Inside Out.. I was hoping for the Good Dinosaur or Zootopia.
  • I returned to Disneyland Park to meet the rest of my group and they wanted to use a snack voucher so we headed to Café Hyperion since it was relatively close and we knew it would be open.  They gave us a different ice cream treat today, it was vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating.  The other times it had been vanilla with caramel and nuts in a roll, no stick.
  • After our snack we paid a visit to the Disneyland Hotel to see the top end of Disney options.  We walked through the lobby and public spaces.  It was a nice hotel and definitely several steps above all the others and the location right at the park entrance is great!  The views into the park would be good too, not as good as say the MiraCosta at DisneySea though.  The number of rooms with a park view looked to be very limited with the way the hotel was laid out.   As far as Disneyland Hotels go I thought the Hong Kong and Tokyo ones were more impressive.  My favorite, and not just because it is one of the two I have stayed at, was Hong Kong.  I thought the lobby was more impressive there with great views out to the water.  I found it odd that I had no real cast member interaction.  I walked around several floors and by lounges and the front desk and no greeting or anything from a cast member.  They basically ignored us.
  • With the park open late this evening I had some time as the sun set and darkness arrived to roam around Fantasyland.  Most days the park closed at 8pm and Fantasyland by 7ish for Disney Dreams preparation.  So it felt like a treat to see the lighting and experience the area after dark.
  • I found several villains out in Town Square after dark/before Disney Dreams.  It was great to see them and they had good crowds around them.  It was a nice touch to wrap up many guests Halloween day at the park.
  • Closed out my evening with Disney Dreams.  I had not intended to stay that late after the long day yesterday but the forecast is rain tomorrow and I wanted one last viewing.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 11.7
Steps 31,068
Moderate Steps 21,189
Moderate Steps/Time 190

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