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October 5, 2015 - Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios Parks & Newport Bay Club

Started the morning off sleeping in till around 8am again then going to breakfast in the Golden Forest Lounge.  After breakfast grabbed our rain gear headed out for the day.  We walked through the Disney Village and to Disneyland Park.  Wandered around Main Street USA making our way to Sleeping Beauty Castle.  Stopped by to see the dragon and then Maleficent in Fantasyland.  Roamed around Fantasyland and eventually into Adventureland.   Spent some time on Adventure Isle before reaching Frontierland.    Ate an early lunch at the Cowboy Cookout and then strolled back through Frontierland.   Hung around the hub for a while then back to Sleeping Beauty Castle and one more look at Fantasyland before the 1:00pm Halloween Parade.  Right before the parade was to start a light drizzle started.  By the time the parade had ended it was raining pretty good.  Walked back to the Sequoia Lodge in the rain and spent some time packing since we leave tomorrow.   Then walked in the rain to check out the Newport Bay Club hotel.  Took a bus to the main transportation center and headed for Disneyland.  Stopped by Café Hyperion to use most of our remaining snack vouchers.  Then the rest of the group took them back to the room and I spent some time walking around Discoveryland in the rain then down Main Street and over to Walt Disney Studios Park.  Walked through the park for a while and right onto Ratatouille using the single rider line.   Strolled through Toy Story Playland and returned to the front of the park just before it was set to close for the day.   Made my way to the Disney Village and the Steakhouse for dinner.  After dinner spent some time in the Disney Store since I had not taken a look there yet then returned to Disneyland Park.  Took some pictures of a soggy Main Street, a nearly abandon Frontierland and then found a spot for Disney Dreams.  A few minutes before show time the rain let up and umbrellas came down.  Enjoyed the show one last time and then walked back to the Lodge to call it a night since the park was closed and I was still soggy from the day and needed to dry my clothes so I could pack them.


Thoughts & Observations
  • Today was a bonus day in my mind.    When we planned out this trip we built an extra day into the schedule assuming we were going to have bad weather at some point and we wanted a little flexibility in the schedule.  We had pretty much wrapped up everything on the to do list and then some by this point so today I was able to roam around and just relax. This worked out perfect as today the rain arrived in the early afternoon. 
  • The walkway from the Sequoia Lodge to the Hotel New York re-opened today.  This made for a much more pleasant walk to and rom the parks not being forced to walk through the narrow passage. 
  • The rain was forecast for 2:00pm according to the weather.com website.   It was off slightly and instead showed up during the 1:00pm parade.  As I stood there watching it the sprinkles started and by the end became a light rain and then afterwards a more steady rain.  This steady rain stayed constant more or less through the rest of the day.  Right before Disney Dreams at 8pm it let up and by show time you did not need an umbrella. 
  • Nothing too noteworthy to report from the parks today.  The crowds were mild since it was Monday and then the rain.  By the middle of the afternoon it was really light.
  • We visited the Newport Bay Club to take a quick look around and wrap up our tour of the Disney Hotels.  Between the construction and the rain it was not a very long visit.  The portions of the hotel that are completed look great.  It has a similar feel to the Yacht & Beach Clubs but it felt slightly less “grand” to me.
  • We had quite a few snack vouchers left from our meal plan, over a dozen.  We decided to use them at the Café Hyperion and get some snacks for the road.  We got 10 doughnuts for the road and 3 ice cream treats to each while there.  Also picked up a bunch of water as the drink option.
  • I went back to the Walt Disney Studios Park in the afternoon for a last ride on Ratatouille and a final look around.  
  • I did succeed today in something I had not set out to do.  I have now been in all 11 Disney themeparks in the rain since I visited both Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park today.
  • Thanks to the weather Ratatouille was a walk on for single rider and fastpass and only a 15 min posted standby but looked shorter.  It was a bit of a pain with rain gear to be squeezed into the car though.
  • We decided to return to the Steakhouse in the Disney Village for our last meal since it was the best meal we had this trip and there was no place new we wanted to try.  This time around our waiter was not nearly as good nor friendly.  The steak was good though.  The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived around 6pm and was maybe ¼ full by the time we left.
  • After dinner had about an hour till Disney Dreams so decided to head to the park.  Weather.com said the rain was to stop so I trusted that and headed that way. 
  • On the way to the park stopped by the Disney Store in the Disney Village since I had not been inside it yet.  It was an interesting mix of characters.  I thought the number of Tale Spin characters was great to see!
  • Once in the park roamed around in the rain.  I did not want to get too soaked since we leave tomorrow but  I did want to see the park in the rain.   As expected it was a ghost town in areas.. such as Frontierland
  • Showed up about 5 minutes before Disney Dreams and the rain was just stopping.  No umbrella needed for the show.    I was on the Discoveryland side fairly close to the front.   Out of the several locations I tried this was probably the worst.   I like being further back and getting the wide shot.
  • After the show it was time to head back to the room and finish packing and dry out.  Since the parks were closed it was an easy decision to make and the rain was to start up again.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 9.8
Steps 25,907
Moderate Steps 16,779
Moderate Steps/Time 151

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