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October 6, 2015 - Disneyland Park & Return to Los Angeles

I woke up around 7am with the plan to check the weather, grab breakfast and head to the park.  Unfortunately the weather forecast was correct and it was pouring rain.. so instead opted to lay around the hotel, wrap up packing and eat a leisurely breakfast in the Golden Forest Lounge.  After breakfast headed back to the room to zip up the suitcases and wait for the weather to clear.   As luck would have it around 10am it did.  So I headed out to the park walking through the Disney Village and then into Disneyland.   I had about an hour until I needed to leave the park so wandered around Main Street USA, then Sleeping Beauty Castle paying a last visit to the dragon.  Strolled through Adventureland and Frontierland one last time before returning the long walk to the park exit.  Always tough to leave a park.   Walked back through Disney Village and picked up lunch for everyone along the way and met back at the room around 11:45am.  After eating headed down to the lobby to check out around 12:15pm.  Then did a last lap around the hotel grounds and out to meet our shuttle to the airport just before 1:00pm.  There was an accident on the highway so he took us through some towns/villages and farmland to reach the airport.  Arrived, checked in and was at the lounge next to our gate in no time.  Got caught up on some emails and ate a snack then went downstairs to board just before 4:00pm.   The flight left around 5:00pm with the first leg taking us to New York (JFK) via Air France.    Arriving into New York just before 7pm as the sun was setting.   Made our way quickly from the plane to customs and got cleared then waited for a good 30-45 minutes for our bags to finally arrive.  Once they did finished customs and had less than an hour to get to the other terminal, through TSA and to our plane… we made it with 30 minutes to spare when we reached our seat onboard.   The flight left on time and we got into LAX almost an hour early.  Our bags were first off then had to wait half an hour for our shuttle home.  We arrived home and walked through the door around 2am to wrap up this trip.. a full 22 hours after leaving the Sequoia Lodge Lobby.

Thoughts & Observations
  • I woke up around 7am to see if weather.com was correct and unfortunately it was.  It was raining pretty hard outside.  So back to bed then a leisurely morning around the hotel to finish packing was in store.   Our weather luck had run out.  Good news is we had accomplished everything the to do list and then some so it was not a disappointment.  Hard to complain about the weather when we had rain for one afternoon and part of one morning in 10 days in the Fall in Paris.
  • The rain did let up around 10am and I had finished packing so I headed for the parks for a final couple of hours.  The rest of the group choose not to and instead to relax at the hotel.  
  • As I was arriving at the parks so were a fair number of other guests.  With an opening time of 10am I was pretty close to that and seems they all believed the weather forecast too.  The wait times were not bad though with most still in single digits during my quick walk of the park.
  • As I walked around I was surprised by the poor drainage and number of puddles/mini lakes.  I would think for a park that is used to experiencing weather it would handle it better.
  • I spent under 2 hours in the park so really did not do anything except roam around and take some pictures.  I did pay a last visit to Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Dragon beneath.
  • The lobby of the Sequoia Lodge was very busy around noon as we were checking out.  Guests and kids everywhere.   We used the Golden Forest Club area to check out and it was 2 deep there even. 
  • The ride back to the airport was interesting.  There was an accident on the highway/main road so the driver opted to take a back way through some towns/villages and the fields to get from Disney to the airport.   It was interesting to see some more of the country side and since we had plenty of time it was not an issue.  We still arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight.
  • Instead of exploring the airport we went to the Air France Lounge and relaxed/got caught up on emails while we waited.  Boarding was a bit dis-organized, but once onboard the flight was smooth and left on time and arrived a bit early even.  
  • I thought it was extremely poor again that no one really knew or communicated the process for us.  We had to go through customs then change to Delta in New York at JFK.  It was a Delta booked flight and the Air France crew really did not know.  They just said go to customs and someone will tell you and to look for an express or transfer line.   We arrived at customs and could not find any such line and the people there looked at us like we were crazy.  Luckily since we were one of the first groups off there really was not a wait and in no time we were waiting for our bags and trying to figure out what to do next.    No one seemed to know.  In the end it turned out to be very easy.. you get your bag then as you exit there are check in desks to drop it off for your domestic flight.  Why no one told us this clearly was annoying.  If nothing else the Delta App should have since it was their flight/connections.
  • We did learn that business class/priority on your bags means nothing.. as ours were almost the last ones off the plane again.  Which meant we had very little time to make it to our flight.   They were boarding already as we were still walking between terminals.  We hiked to terminal 2 and then caught a Delta bus to terminal 4.  Of course our flight was almost dead center between the two stops so we had to hike a long way once off the bus.   We made it to the flight to board about 30 minutes before take off and boarded right away.
  • Delta has been advertising their upgraded Delta One service from JFK to LAX.  The flight out was very nice onboard and at LAX.  This flight back was not so good.  It was an older 767 with old seats and entertainment systems.  Also it seemed very run down inside.       There was no live TV and small screens.   The food was the same menu as coming out but did not taste nearly as good.  To top it off my overhead bin was taken already too.  It appeared someone had entered and just took the first bin they could find then went back to their seats. 
  • The good news was we arrived in Los Angeles almost an hour early.  I had to laugh because the one place it did not matter when our bags came they were the first three off the plane.  Guessing this was due to our late transfer and being the last three on.
  • We were taking a shuttle home vs driving which I do not like to do because of the time involved.   This verified that…  it was about 30 minutes for the shuttle to show up and we ended up being the second stop having to go to another city about 15 minutes out of the way first.  Shuttle slow 30 mintues waiting.  So what should have taken less than an hour to get home took us over 2.
  • We arrived home at 2am which was approximately 22 hours after leaving the Sequoia Lodge lobby.
  • That wraps up my 10 day trip.  Thanks for following along.  If you would like me to expand or clarify anything please ask away.  I am more than happy to respond.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 3.7
Steps 9,781
Moderate Steps 6,295
Moderate Steps/Time 54

Part I: Disney Village and Main Street USA & Frontierland Disneyland Park & Journey Home

Made a quick trip to Disneyland Park for a last look around then the journey home.


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