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November 15, 2019 - Day 4 - Disneyland Paris

Today the weather forecast was for a cold rain almost all day. So we slept in a bit then ate a leisurely breakfast at the Compass Club. Decided to venture out and took a bus to the train station where we boarded an RER train to Val D'Europe. Spent a couple hours roaming around the mall and area before taking the RER back to Disney. Grabbed lunch in the Disney Village. While eating noticed the rain had started to turn to snow. After eating took some pictures in the area and the snow kept coming so decided to walk to the park and try and get some snow pictures. Spent some time wandering around Main Street USA taking pictures then walked into Frontierland to do the same. Strolled back to Main Street and spent some time around Sleeping Beauty Castle. Warmed up inside the castle for a few minutes then set off to Fantasyland. As I walked toward Discoveryland the snow started to turn more to rain. So I went and found a spot in the arcades to warm up and post some pictures. It appeared the snow shower was done and we were back to a cold rain so I decided to head for the exit. Took a bus back to Disney's Newport Bay Club and spent the rest of the evening drying out, warming up and posting some pictures and video.


Thoughts & Observations
  • The forecast today was 100% chance of rain and mid 30s. The weather forecast was dead on with a cold rain most of the day. It did not mention that there would be snow flurries!
  • With the bad weather we were in no hurry to start the day so went to a later breakfast. The hotel main level was extremely busy with guests moving about. Seems like it was a popular check in/check out day plus add the bad weather and no one seemed to want to go out. The hotel has almost no common spaces. The lobby had a handful of seats. Most of the space is queue space. There is the Compass Club lounge and a bar on the main floor and that is it in terms of common spaces. So there was no where for anyone to go.
  • We took the bus to the RER station and it was slow coming then the free for all to board meant it was jammed full when we pulled away.
  • Our destination today was Val D-Europe which is only one stop away. About a block from the RER station is a very large indoor mall. So we spend a couple hours walking around the mall and the plan was to eat lunch there but no one was hungry yet when we reached the food court so we just kept walking and exploring. There is an outdoor portion too, but with the weather we opted to skip that. In addition to an assortment of high end stores was a grocery store that seemed like a super Walmart type store. It was huge with a little bit of everything. We also stopped by the Uniqlo store but unlike Orlando no Disney merchandise, more regular clothing choices.
  • The rain let up a bit so we walked through Disney Village. Decided to stop and get lunch before heading back to the hotel. While eating at Earl of Sandwich we looked outside and it looked like snow. Went out to investigate and it was snowing. Now I had a choice.. go get the appropriate clothing from the hotel or run to the parks. I opted to go to Disneyland because I had no idea how long the storm would last. The snow was a very wet snow and was not sticking at all, best description is cold and wet.
  • I spent some time on Main Street USA, around Sleeping Beauty Castle then ventured into Frontierland and eventually Fantasyland before the storm turned back to rain. So I can now add another accomplishment to my Disney Parks list... being in one during a snow storm. It was fun to see and I think some of the pictures came out. I have almost zero experience with snow pictures (been in the mid west a couple of times for the holidays in the past decades but no theme park time). In person it looked better than what I captured for the most part. I know a lot of park fans have experiencing snow on their bucket list. I did not since I used to live in the mid west and snow is not a highlight for me. Having the chance encountering and spending time in the park with it was fun but I do not see myself actively seeking out this kind of weather. I will stick to enjoying other people's pictures.
  • Once the snow was gone I decided to head back to the room and thaw out and dry out. Now I was paying the price for not going to get my full rain/warm weather gear from the room. Called it an early night due to the weather and a more favorable forecast in the days to come.
  • The wi-fi in the hotel continues to be a bit slow in the morning, great mid day, then comes to a grinding halt after park closing. It seems the system cannot handle the load of a full hotel. When guests are out all is fine. But when they are mostly in their rooms it really has issues.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 6.7
Steps 14,168
Moderate Steps 8,804
Moderate Steps/Time 78

Part I: Eiffel Tower Disneyland Park in the Snow

A cold and rainy day visiting Val d'Europe and then a snowy visit to Disneyland Paris.


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