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November 20, 2019 - Day 9 - The Trip Home

Set our alarms for 6:30am so we would have time for a leisurely breakfast in the Compass Club before we had to finish backing and then be down in the lobby by 9:00am for our shuttle to the airport. Our driver was on time and we loaded the van and were off to the airport by 9am. Arrived about 45 minutes later and found the proper check in counter then went through customs, took a train out to the gates, went through security and found the Air France Lounge with a couple hours to spare. Boarding was to start at 12:20pm so we headed down to the gate around noon. Boarding started a little late and was held up but eventually all got on board then we sat. The flight time was under 11 hours not the 12 they originally planned so we sat at the gate and did not push back for almost an hour. This put us on track for on time arrival in Los Angeles vs early. Landed in Los Angeles on time and of course no gate was ready so had to wait. Finally disembarked and went through customs and then out to the LAX madness. Finally found our ride home and set off into evening commute traffic. Eventually made it home for a final transit time of just under 19 hours door to door.

Thoughts & Observations
  • Today we started our final morning like all the others with breakfast at the Compass Club Lounge. The Cast Members this morning thought our table needed another guest and the large Olaf plush that had been greeting guest throughout the week joined us for breakfast. He did not say much.. just stared at me while I ate!
  • We were well ahead of schedule this morning with a smooth checkout process. No waits at the Compass Club to check out and the elevators were even efficient. No delays at all.
  • The lack of a common lobby space to sit in was a little challenging to wait for our van to the airport. We did not want to wait outside since it was 30 degrees out this morning. We did find a spot to stack our suitcases and stand out of the way but others were doing the same and there just was not enough space in the lobby.
  • Our van showed up a few minutes early and we set off to the airport with no delays, arriving early. Of course our driver guessed wrong and dropped us off my most US Bound Flights but the counter for our flight happened to be down the other end of the terminal so we had to walk back. There was no line at all to check in so it was a quick process. Going through customs was a little slow as only one window was open and there were a dozen or so people ahead of us. It moved so it was not that bad.
  • Once we reached our gate building the security line was short also. They required more to be done than other security lines. I had to take the laptop, camera, and lenses all out of the bags. This meant a slower process but still not bad since there was no line.
  • The Air France Lounge was massive and much more impressive than the lounges at LAX. The views were a little obstructed but the overall feel of the lounge was great. The food selection for breakfast was nice with several locations having items throughout the lounge. The wifi was adequate and there were plenty of ports to charge devices in the seating areas we saw. I did not venture back to the relaxation and other areas of the lounge.
  • The boarding process started off a bit sluggish with them making a call to line up and then we stood there waiting. Eventually they opened the kiosks and we headed for the jet way. Only to stop there for quite a while. I want to say a good 15 minutes, but I did not note the time. They finally opened the path to reach the plane and we boarded.
  • At departure time they closed the door so technically there was an on time departure then we sat there. Eventually a cabin crew member explained that the flight time was over an hour less than planned today. So they are waiting so we arrive on time. I thought the pilot should have announced that vs everyone guessing and waiting. Eventually the jet way moved away and we were pushed back and on our way.
  • The plane had not been retrofitted/renovated so it had no Wi-Fi. The flight attendant said it was one of the last long haul planes in the fleet not to be upgraded.
  • The flight was uneventful. A lot less turbulence than the inbound so we could move around a lot more. The food was worse. I ordered the beef and it was under cooked and not even luke warm. At least coming out it was hot and cooked. We received a dinner and another light meal. Neither was that good and I ended up eating snacks, bread, and some ice cream. I tried several times before the flight to see about changing my meal and the website always said it was unavailable. I probably should have called but I never quite found the time and kept saying it would be ok or the app would eventually work.. both were wrong.
  • We took a far north route over Greenland and Canada then flew south along the Western US. It was fairly clear most of the flight which led to some great views of the landscapes below.
  • Arrived at LAX a few minutes early still and of course there was no gate! So had to wait on the tarmac for some time. This allowed me to set up my mobile passport app so the first part of customs was extremely quick for us. Walked right up, they scanned it and we were off to baggage claim. Our bags came out in the middle of the group then we joined the large exit line. There was no mobile passport line this trip, unlike last year's.
  • Walked outside to the cool LA air and the crazy traffic scene. They have changed the traffic pattern and only LAX shuttle buses use the interior lanes of the arrival level. So buses kept cruising by. These were for terminal connections as well as ride shares. We had a car service and the pick up was in the center lanes. They had two lanes for pick up/ drop off. Our shuttle did not come and we were on hold for a long time to get it sorted out. Eventually it showed up and we set off for home in the middle of rush hour traffic!
  • We arrived back home just under 19 hours after leaving the hotel in Paris. It was a long day but not too bad.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 2.1
Steps 4,600
Moderate Steps 2,525
Moderate Steps/Time 22

Part I: Eiffel Tower Disney Newport Bay Club then Journey Home

My long travel day home begane with an early wake-up call and a couple final hours at the Newport Bay Club before the van to CDG and flight to Los Angeles.


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