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November 14, 2019 - Day 3 - Disneyland Park

Started this morning off with breakfast in the Compass Club then we waited for what appeared to be a lull in the rain and headed for the bus and the parks. Made our way to Disneyland to start the day. Spent some time on Main Street USA and then made our way into Adventureland. Walked out and onto Pirates of the Caribbean. After our cruise made our way into Fantasyland. Went for a ride on Casey Jr. and was going to do Storybook Land but the boats were still wet so skipped it for now. Walked down the parade route and into Discoveryland. Used our Hotel FastPass for today for Buzz Lightyear since there was nothing else on any ones must ride list. Returned to Main Street and found a spot for the noon Disney Christmas Parade! Decided to walk out to the Disney Village for lunch and eat at Five Guys. Made my way park to the park and arrived in Town Square just as the 1:20pm Disney Christmas Parade! was making its way through the park. Watched it then took the Liberty Arcade to Frontierland. The Molly Brown was boarding so went for a cruise around the river. Once back ashore stopped by Sleeping Beauty Castle to check on the dragon then returned to Fantasyland to go for a cruise on Storybookland. Walked through Alice's maze and then returned to Main Street to warm up a bit in the Liberty Arcade and post some pictures. Made my way to Frontierland with hopes of a Molly Brown cruise. They cut the line right before I got there so no cruise in the cards tonight. Strolled through Frontierland and then through Adventureland on my way back to Main Street and found a spot for the Disney Stars on Parade at 5:00pm. After the parade spent some time in the Discovery Arcade then headed for Discoveryland. Visited the Nautilus and then used a FastPass for Star Tours. Passed through Videopolis on my way to find a spot for Disney Illuminations. After the show joined the masses exiting the park since it was closed. Used the Discovery Arcade which helped slightly. Walked back to the Newport Bay Club to call it a day.

Thoughts & Observations
  • Breakfast in the Compass Club was the same as it has been, appears there is no change/variety. I remember the same at the Sequoia Lodge. I would have liked to have seen something change. Maybe waffles or french toast instead of pancakes?
  • It was a cold and rainy morning to start our day. We waited for a lull in the rain and headed for the parks. The bus to the parks was jammed again. The amount of rude guests we encountered this trip was on par with what we experienced in Shanghai. People seemed always be pushing, shoving, standing in front of you, bumping into you for no reason, etc... then add in the number of people smoking and it was already wearing on our nerves and we are only on day 3.
  • Visited Pirates of the Caribbean. The attraction had been renovated since our last visit and Jack Sparrow is now part of the story. He seems to play a small part, but since the dialog is in French not really sure. Only two figures here though. This version of Pirates with the fort first does help the story flow. Overall it felt a little short to me though.
  • Went to the Disney Village for lunch again and ate at Five Guys. They have an awkward location outside security and down from the main areas. It is visible and on the way to some shuttle buses. Interesting to note that since it is outside security they have their own at the door. It was not busy when we arrived so no wait to order and get a table. Price were a little high, but less than the parks. Also interesting they had a sign up on refills saying if you wanted one to go to the counter for a new cup. No one seemed to be listening to this though. The only negative is the music was a little loud and not to my liking.
  • Returned to the park after lunch and went for a cruise on the Molly Brown. This was my first, last visit it was closed for renovation. I really enjoyed the views and the cruise. The narration was extremely hard to hear on the upper deck. It seemed there were not very many speakers.
  • I really enjoy Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle is impressive and the hills/trees around it add a lot. Lurking below is a dragon which is a great touch!
  • This visit I took advantage of the Main Street arcades quite a bit. Having seating in a space protected from the climate was great. I would thaw out, dry out, and use the wi-fi in there.
  • Speaking of wi-fi I found it to be very similar to Anaheim's. Where it worked it was great but there were quite a few voids. Also this trip I did not find any in the Disney Village.
  • Inside the park quite a few dining locations were closed. For example Walt's or Toad Hall. Others had very short hours, such as the Hyperion that closed at 4:30pm (with a 7pm park closing). So eating in the park was a bit challenging.
  • In addition to the Christmas parade shown twice daily the regular Disney Stars on Parade is shown once a day. Its show time is 5:00pm which means it is under the lights. I think it is great to see so much entertainment in the parks. The parade itself is a fairly straight forward castle park parade with many of your favorite Disney & Pixar characters.
  • Another great feature of Disneyland Paris are the number of walk through attractions. Discoveryland has the Nautilus, Frontierland the fort, Adventureland an Aladdin one and Fantasyland has the castle. Even Main Street has the Liberty Arcade display. These offerings bring some added depth to each land and an option to get out of the weather too.
  • Paid a visit to Star Tours and used a hotel FastPass even though one was not needed. I think it saved me some walking but no time. The attraction is now the adventure continues, but no stop on Batuu (at least for me). Overall the flight seemed smoother than the stateside versions. Could have been the profile and seat I drew.
  • Found it interesting that videopolis was showing classic Disney shorts in the evening. I did not see this advertised anywhere. Also noteworthy is this was several hours after food service had ended in the area. There were some vending machines and you could bring in food from elsewhere. But the Hyperion was long closed.
  • Decided to try Illuminations from the side on a walkway near Discoveryland. The projections looked ok but the show was not nearly as impressive from this angle. On the positive side though it was a lot less crowded and enjoyable from that aspect.
  • The walk back to the Newport Bay Club was busy tonight. There were a lot of guests and they were taking up the entire walkway and moving back and forth so you could not pass them easily. Add to that several were smoking and it was not the most enjoyable walk back.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 9.3
Steps 19,808
Moderate Steps 12,923
Moderate Steps/Time 118

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