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November 18, 2019 - Day 7 - A rainy day in the parks on Mickey's 91st Birthday

Slept in a bit this morning then a leisurely breakfast at the Compass Club before heading out to the parks. Started at the Walt Disney Studios Park. The plan was to see the new Frozen a Musical Invitation show but it was a two show wait and starting to drizzle so instead visited the Studio Tram Tour. Then checked the Frozen queue, still too long. Opted to see Mickey's Christmas Big Band. When we exited it was raining and the Frozen wait was still a show so instead decided to head to Disney Village for lunch. Decided to avoid the crowds and go to Five Guys. After lunch did some shopping at World of Disney then strolled back to the Newport Bay Club in the light rain. Dropped off our purchases, dried out, and then headed back for the parks as the rain was letting up. Decided to walk back to the park since there was no sign of a bus. Headed for the Walt Disney Studios Park again and just barely made it into the next Frozen show (so only a 40 min wait) and it was under cover. Saw the Frozen: A Musical Invitation show then walked around the Animation building. Made our way out to use hotel Fastpasses for Ratatouille then still had an hour before the Surprise Mickey Christmas Special and it was raining. So we found a table in Studio 1 and stayed out of the rain. About 10 minutes before show time went and found a spot in the back under an overhang to try and stay out of the rain. After the show made my way to Disneyland and caught the tree lighting as I walked in. Decided to head to the Discovery Arcade for some time since it was about 20 min until Illuminations still. 10 min before the show the lights went out and a special Mickey Mouse Birthday preshow happened then Illuminations. I started off near Discoveryland but the smoke was blowing that way so made my way down Main Street and watched from there. After the show exited the park and walked back to the Newport Bay Club to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • As I departed the hotel this morning there was a small sign in near the lobby saying there would be no power this afternoon. This was odd to me that they did not put notes in the room or phone messages but instead a single, small, sign in the lobby. Seems signs by the elevators would have made sense too.
  • My goal today was to see the new Frozen a Musical Invitation show at the Walt Disney Studios Park. The show premiered yesterday and I figured I would wait till the weekday for a shorter wait. Showtimes were only posted on the theatre marquee. I did not see them in the app. I walked up and the queue was hold 2 to 3 shows worth of guests. This stayed full even in the cold rain that was falling. I decided to come back later as I was not going to wait out in the cold & rain.
  • Today Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse turned 91. There were no big festivities this year but instead several little moments for the celebration. For example at Mickey's Christmas Big Band the cast sung Happy Birthday at the end of the show.
  • Headed to Disney Village for lunch again. Ended up at Five Guys since a hot dog sounded good to me and they sell ones that I am used to finding at home. Plus their prices are more reasonable than the park. The hot dog is 5.50.
  • It was drizzling so decided to to do some shopping this afternoon. World of Disney was pleasant to walk around. No real waits and plenty of space to see merchandise.
  • Since we purchased some things headed back to the hotel to drop them off. Did not really pay attention to the time and ended up being in our room right when they cut power. Everything turned off but then Wi-Fi popped back on after a couple minutes. After about 30 minutes the Wi-Fi went down too. Guess it was on a battery backup? As we waited I was pondering whether I wanted to do the eight flights of steps or not and then the power came back on. It was off only about an hour, so less than they had originally planned.
  • When I returned to the park the Frozen queue looked short and we hopped in line. The cast members said we would make the next show and ended up in a covered portion of the queue. My wait was still over 30 minutes but at least not out in the rain and not several hours.
  • The Frozen a musical invitation show consists of two sets/rooms. In the first one you meet Anna, Kristoff and Sven. Then you head to the ice castle to meet Elsa and Olaf. The show's music features songs from the first film. Overall I thought it was a well done show and enjoyable. I was really surprised not to hear anything from Frozen 2. Also having to stand the entire 20+ minutes made it feel a little on the long side. There were some seats for handicap to use, but not many. They capped the shows audience so you were not jammed in, but then again with this cap it meant longer waits for everyone. The viewing areas were terraced which helped but kids were still challenged to see the show.
  • Decided to use a Hotel FastPass for Ratatouille and when we showed up there was no delay at all to walk on for FP and the single rider line only had a couple guests too.
  • Found a spot for the SurpriseMickey Christmas Special to end my evening in the park. The rain picked up as show time approached. The show did go on and the lasers and other effects looked great in the rain. The cast was able to perform too, I thought they may cut back with the rain but it seemed to be a full cast and show.
  • I returned to Disneyland for Illuminations since I was curious how the show would look in the rain. I was hiding inside the Discovery Arcade trying to warm up and stay dry when I saw the lights go out about 10 minutes prior to show time. They ran a Mickey Mouse preshow for his birthday. The show was created last year for his 90th. I saw most of it and thought it was a great plus to mark the occasion.
  • I started off near Discoveryland but the smoke was blowing that way so I ended up moving down Main Street to near Town Square. The view from there was great this evening. The lasers and other lights looked great in the rain and the crowd was not that dense back there. It was a great way to end the evening.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 7.6
Steps 16,209
Moderate Steps 11,052
Moderate Steps/Time 99

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