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San Fransokyo Square

San Fransokyo Square officially opened August 31, 2023 replacing the original Pacific Wharf area of Disney California Adventure. This new area is inspired from Walt Disney Animations film Big Hero 6.

In the land you can meet Baymax and Hiro, eat at one of several dining locations or shop. The area has received a number of new graphics and props as part of the makeover as well as a large Torii Gate Bridge marking the entrance to the square. Old favorites like the Boudin Bakery are still there.

The Geek's First Impressions of San Fransokyo Square (9/1/23)

San Fransokyo Square opened Thursday the 31st so this was my first time to see the completed project. I still do not see why this was needed. This area of the park had a cohesive theme and a healthy crowds almost all the time, especially compared to some other areas of the park. The execution of the makeover had me a bit puzzled too. They removed dining capacity and took an area that felt crowded at times and made it more crowded. The Torii Gate Bridge looks interesting from a distance but when you get close to it the shiny look does not seem right and the facade panels do not fit properly and it looks rather poor in spots. At night it looks slightly better but with Pixar Pier in the background one direction it is a lot of visual clutter to me. The gift shop felt temporary and the selection of items did not interest me. The Meet and Greet was popular with the queue stretching toward Cars Land. All three dining locations seem in need of more registers with queues filling the space and extended space and then traveling on beyond that on Friday. This used to happen before too during busy times of the year like Halloween and Christmas. The amount of signage/graphics/etc.. seemed a little over the top to me too.

The Geek's First Takes on the original Pacific Wharf Area (2/3/01)

  • The Boudin Bakery: We really liked this tour. Only one thing could make it better.. free samples at the end (we like sour dough bread much more than corn tortillas). I was very skeptical about the prospect of "industry tours" in the new park. After visiting the tortilla one I thought my worries were coming true, but then we did the sour dough one. We found this tour to be much more informative and interesting to walk through. Not worth waiting for, and probably will not do it more than once or twice a year, but for an occasional visitor it works.
  • Mission Tortilla Factory (Closed in 2011): I really did not like this tour. I found it to be sort of boring. Watching a machine do all the work was interesting for about 30 seconds, but once you see what it is doing you are bored. The free tortilla at the end is cool, but definitely not worth waiting in line for. We did like how they had a cast member start off the tour with an introduction and brief history lesson. This was interesting.
  • Golden Dreams(Closed September 7, 2008): This movie turned out to be ok. It basically talks about California and its heritage. It really reminded me of something you would see in EPCOT's World Showcase at a national pavilion. The closing song does have that "Golden Dream" feel to it from the American Adventure, but the tune is not as memorable.

Attractions & Entertainment (Parades, Shows & Fireworks)
Current Attractions:
  • The Bakery Tour (Opened: Feb 08, 2001)
Retired Attractions:
  • Mission Tortilla Factory (Feb 08, 2001 - May 31, 2011)


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