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Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

I have not stayed at this hotel since Disney bought it. I did stay there before and I thought it was ok. Nothing too spectacular though. Now that Disney is in control the room rates have really gone up. The hotel will be completely renovated and official renamed to the Paradise Pier Hotel in the near future to coincide with the opening of DCA.


The Geek's Suggestions

I bet for the price you pay to stay here you can find an equally nice room close by for a lot less. If you are trying to decide between here and the Disneyland hotel I would pick the Disneyland hotel because it is a much larger resort complex.

If you want a great view of the DCA this is the resort to stay in. Half of the rooms have a great view overlooking the park. The problem is the other half have a great view of a parking lot and Anaheim.

Dining Options


    Closed Dining Locations


    Quick Facts
    • 7.250-square-foot Pacific Ballroom · 15 breakout rooms

    • Originally Opened as the Emerald of Anaheim Hotel in 1984, Became the Pan Pacific Hotel in 1989

    • Disney Acquired the hotel in December 1995 and renamed it the Disneyland Pacific Hotel.

    • Renamed Paradise Pier Hotel on December 15, 2000
    Hotel Statistics

    Number of Rooms: 489
    Suites: 14
    Concierge: Yes
    Rate Range: N/A
    Restaurants/Snack Bars: 5
    Room Service: Yes
    Lounges/Bars: 1
    Pools: 1
    Gym/Health Club: Yes
    Kid's Programs: N/A
    Baby-Sitting: N/A
    Shopping: Yes
    Water-Sports: No
    Marina: No
    Beach: No
    Tennis: No
    Biking: No
    Reservation Number: N/A
    Group Reservations: N/A
    Meeting Facilities/Sq. Feet:30,000

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