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Mickey & Friends Parking Structure

This enourmouse structure is built to hold over 10,000 cars. It is located off of Disneyland Drive. Parking here costs the same as at other Disney lots. This is also the lot where all Annual Pass holders with parking are now forced to park it (unless you want to pay). We have broken the process into three steps for you.

Getting In: Finding the garage.

Once your In: Finding a parking spot.

Getting Out: Finding your car and how to get back to the freeway.

Getting In

If you are coming from the:

Southbound I-5: Get off the freeway at Disneyland drive (there is a standard exit and a carpool exit). Then turn left at the light (there is a large sign saying Disneyland this way). Then there is an access ramp that will take you almost directly into the garage (by passing the Ball road intersection). If you miss the ramp, or it is closed do not worry, just continue going straight and you will be lead to the garage if you follow the theme park parking signs.

Northbound on the I-5: You need to get off at Harbor Blvd, make a right, then an immediate left on Ball Road, then another left onto Disneyland Drive to get into the garage.

Getting into the garage from other freeway exits and directions is possible, but if you are using them you probably know where your going anyway.

This picture is of the entrance/exit roads of the structure. There are several of these two lane roads all nicely landscaped and well done.

Once Your In

Once you have entered the garage and passed through the "toll booths" you are directed by Disney cast members to a ramp that will feed the level you going to park on. This is one of the really nice things with the structure. There are ramps that feed each of the six levels, so you do not have to drive around the garage to get to your level.

Once you reach your level you are directed to a parking spot (just like most Disney parking lots, there are usually cone lanes to help you out).

The picture on the left is of one of the levels. Its an enourmous structure and this shot shows that pretty well (and it was taken from about the midpoint of the level too).

Once you park your car be sure to take note where you are. Each level has its own character and color, then each row has a number and letter to help you locate your region.

Level 1: Chip & Dale (brown)
Level 2: Daisy (I forget the color)
Level 3: Mickey (red)
Level 4: Goofy (green)
Level 5: Donald (blue)
Level 6: Minnie (pink) this is the roof so you are parked outside.


After you have a good idea of where you are parked you should now head for the trams that will take you to Disneyland. The escalators and elevators are located in the far southeast corner of the garage (corner nearest the Disneyland hotel and Disneyland). Follow the large signs and you can not miss it. There is a large walkway on the east side of the garage (pictured on the right). So if you walk down your aisle you will find this walkway that will lead you directly to the escalators and elevators.

As you walk through the garage you will notice quite a bit of "security features". There are cameras mounted all over the place and every couple hundred feet there are emergency buttons like the one pictured on the right here. If you press the button I am guessing the light above it will go off and Disney security will arrive (or at least check out the problem via the cameras).


Getting Out

Now that you have finished your day at Disneyland its time for that traditional moment when you have to remember where you parked. This could be a simple matter, or for some after spending hours in Fantasyland could be a mental task way beyond what you are capable of at midnight. Hopefully you were smart enough to take note of your character(or color) and aisle. Once you have located your car exiting the garage is really easy. You follow all the signs to the far west side of the garage and have your very own exit ramp (one for each level). There are several large signs throughout the garage to help you. Once on the ramp you will be exited out of the structures complex and onto Disneyland drive. You have access to both the northbound and southbound I-5 by following Disneyland drive and the signs to the freeway. Depending on how the exit is set up you will either take a ramp over Ball road or you will have to go straight through the Ball road light. (If traffic is jammed straight ahead you can take a right on Ball, then a right on Harbor and enter the I-5 from there).

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