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California Adventure Annual Pass Preview
This event is scheduled to take place on February 3, 2000 from 8am to midnight. It was open to all Disneyland Annual Passholders for $20 (and you could buy guest tickets for your family/friends). (Sorry for the bad angles of the tickets in the pictures. I had to do that to avoid the flash. I do not have a functioning scanner at this time. The top image is of the front of the ticket, and the bottom on is of the back.)

I hope the event goes off better than the initial ticket order process. I know many people who had no problems, but I experienced a major hassle getting my tickets. The information came in the mail to call to order the tickets. So I waited patiently for the day to come. I called first thing in the morning to order my tickets. I got a recording saying the tickets would be sold in the evening only. I did not think much of it. So that evening I went home and called right when it said you can start calling. I kept calling for the next several hours. Finally at about the time they said the lines would close for the evening I get through. After the intial recording saying to wait for the next cast member they started playing Disney songs. No other recordings came on the line or anything. After about half an hour I was getting a little annoyed and just about to hang up the phone. A cast member finally picked up. The order went seemlessly after that. They said tickets would be mailed the first week of December, and I got mine December 1st if I remember correctly.



Event Report

The event went off pretty well. Its always a thrilling experience to go to a new Disney park. Even though I have been tough on DCA, it still is a Disney park and does have some nice Disney "extras".

As for the AP Preview... I thought it was well organized, but oversold. The lines were incredibly long and they moved extremely slow. It was like the park was at peak holiday crowd level. It really was not the most enjoyable way to experience the park. I would have liked to have had a much more limited attendence so you can really enjoy the park too.

Even with the crowded conditions we were able to experience all the attractions in DCA (some of them several times).


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