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Mickey's Soundsational Parade (May 27, 2011 - Present)

This parade started rolling down the parade route for Summer 2011 and signals a return to a traditional parade format for Disneyland. It is approx 15 minutes long and features 9 units and several dozen performers.

My First Impressions from two viewings on 5/27/11: I thought it was extremely well done and I was very happy to see a parade in the traditional sense return to Disneyland. There were no show stops, just a rolling parade that lasted about 15 minutes from when it started moving till the last unit passed me by. I thought the animation and details on the units were great. The sound track was catchy and integrated the regular disney music perfectly, but both places I stood seemed to be on the edge of a zone, need to figure that out still and see if it makes a difference to be in the middle of an audio zone. I thought the large number of performers and characters in the parade were also great to see too. I found Mary Poppins to be an interesting finale. The one thing I would have liked to have seen is more live musicians. Having the drum line at the beginning really opened it up with a high energy moment. Also the articulated (guess that is what you would call it, his eyes blinked and mouth moved) Mickey was a nice touch and closing with the Pearly Band.


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