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Remember... Dreams Come True (5/5/2005 - 6/2009) Starting 2009 Season to fill in when no other show is running on weekend, etc.. The show retired in November 2014.

Wow.. that's the best way to describe this great Disneyland Fireworks show.

" I thought it would be hard to top believe, but the E-Ticket segment in the middle of the show is nothing short of incredible, a great trip down memory lane. Only compliant I have is I thought it relied too heavily on the Wishes music from Florida and would have liked to have seen the new theme song have fireworks vs. being just an exit tune. The new flight path Tinkerbell takes looks great too. Looks like a similar flight rig as the magic carpet in Aladdin uses, or at least that is what jumped to mind watching it go. The multiple launch points around the park really make the show impressive. Not sure if it was just our ears, but the sound track with seemed to be "surround" sound for the most part.. for example when the train announcement played we could have sworn it came from down Main Street, a very great effect. This will definite pack in the crowds for the for seeable future." 5/13/05

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