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Paint the Night (5/22/2015 - September 5, 2016)

My first impressions from May 21, 2015 at the Premiere Event:

  • Paint the Night - I had been looking forward to seeing the parade since I saw the Hong Kong version in April. It did not disappoint. The parade is just as energetic and fun as the Hong Kong version. The numbers are impressive with over 1.5 million sources of light, 500 strobes, 200 universes of control used in the 8 sections.

  • A couple comparisons to Hong Kong's version. Disneyland has been extended with a drum unit and Frozen float. Also some of the costumes/in between elements have been tweaked. For example the addition of Tigger, Genie, and Lumiere as well as some Jellyfish. Some of the spinner elements from Hong Kong are gone. With no show stop in Anaheim the parade seemed shorter but it still runs nearly 20 minutes but with the music, lights, and pacing it felt short to me. The floats themselves seemed the same and on a first viewing no drastic changes jumped out to me. It was a bit odd for me to hear it all in English after first experiencing it in Chinese and English.


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