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The Magic, The Memories, and You! (January 27, 2011 - Present)

This nightly projection show takes place on Small World and features music, video effects, fireworks, and photos of guests taken throughout the day.

My initial thoughts from 1/28/11:

The Magic, the Memories, and You! show premiered Thursday night and runs twice nightly on the weekends and once on week days according to the schedule I saw Friday. This is a projection show on Small World featuring some great effects, music, a couple fireworks, as well as guest photos taken throughout the day.

  • I enjoyed the show. I was not wowed by it but I was entertained and would definitely recommend seeing it if you are in the park. Some of the effects are great to see. Especially those that involved transformations of Small World and putting pieces of the facade into motion. Also I thought they integrated the guest photos nicely. They do not overwhelm the show but instead are used to support the show. Now I am really looking forward to seeing the WDW version on my next Florida trip, down there they run a similar show but use Cinderella Castle as the projection surface.
  • I thought the times of 8:00pm and 9:10pm were a bit awkward to deal with because of the fireworks. Wonder why they did not run an earlier one. Best guess would be because of the fireworks for the finale but would have liked to have seen something during the 6 or 7pm hour. The problem with 8pm is when its over you have 30 minutes till the fireworks. If you want to see the 9:10pm one you would be hard pressed to make it there if you watched the fireworks elsewhere like many like to do.
  • One other issue was that being so close to the end of the Remember meant that for the second show we were all held quite a ways back due to the firework fall out restrictions not being lifted yet. So all guests were held back in the narrow mall area instead of the wider area directly in front of the attraction. I would venture to guess the further back you got the less impressed you were (I will have to try it sometime to verify).
  • From what I could tell they use the same images for both shows.
  • As for viewing location tips if you can position yourself straight on with the facade you should have a great view as long as someone tall or with a kid on their shoulders does not get in front of you. The crowds for both shows Friday were on the mild side, guessing due to the fact that very few people knew what the show was and maybe the awkward timing.
  • On Friday the crowd was light for the first show, you could have shown up about 10 minutes before and still found a great spot to watch from. The second was more crowded thanks to the fireworks just ending, also it may have felt that way because of the fire marshal restriction I mentioned above.


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