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Magical (June 12, 2009 - 2014 running during the summer months)

Notes from the June 11 Preview of Magical:
Magical was next on the agenda and we had spots near the center of Main Street near Coke Corner. The new show features a sound track that goes through several Disney films. As you saw in the pictorial update one of the new elements of the show is Dumbo takes flight during the Baby Mine segment. There are also still projections on the castle throughout the show as well as some great new spotlight effects. Magical uses less launch points from within the park than Remember did, but several Fantasyland attractions as well as Toontown are closed down before and during the show, so keep that in mind. I enjoyed the show and know I will see it several more times this summer, but I kind of missed the E-Ticket in the sky segment of Remember. I really enjoyed the tour of the park as a way to wrap up and end your day at the Resort. The Wishes segments of Remember always bothered me a bit (I am not a huge fan of the WDW show and when the song was re-used here it just never sat right with me). For all you Disney film buffs out there though I am guessing you will really enjoy this new show. The finale also features confetti which is shot off of the roofs on Main Street as well as the Small World Mall light Towers. From where we were it was hard to see this. (Note: I went back Friday night and watched from a better location so I have comments in the next Geekspeaks on that). For more information on Magical click here for the press release.


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