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Disneyland Forever (May 22, 2015 - September 5, 2016)

My first impressions from May 21, 2015 at the premiere event on Main Street USA:

  • Disneyland Forever is the new fireworks show for the 60th Anniversary. In addition to a traditional Disney fireworks show this show immerses you into the experience as you Step into the Magic. This is done by using projection mapping throughout the park as well as new special effects. The show opens with spotlights filling the air. On Main Street the buildings come alive with projections from 17 projectors hidden in the windows that have actuators and open on queue and play throughout the performance. There are another 8 projectors in use around the park including Small World, Fantasmic, Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Matterhorn. Many of us on Main Street found ourselves turning around and watching the projections and forgetting about the fireworks show going on overhead. It was quite an experience and I look forward to repeat viewing. Other effects include snow fall, inflatable seaweed, Nemo flying high above, fire, lasers, and fog.

  • Looking back at the segments in the show it is your average mix of Disney movie references including Tangled, Lion King, Jungle Book, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Mary Poppins and of course Let it Go from Frozen. The new songs created for the show including the Diamond Fanfare, Live the Magic and the exit A Kiss Good night are all great! I would have really liked to have seen more from the park. I thought World of Color paid a better tribute to the park itself than Forever did. For me the E-ticket in the sky segment from the 50th show, Remember Dreams Come True is an ideal fireworks show. I would have really liked to have seen a version of that return with the projectors.. imagine being on Main Street and projections from the Rivers of America surrounding you as the Mark Twain whistle blows or sailing along Small Worlds canal... maybe for the next show!

  • There are also projections on the castle but due to the size of the castle it was really hard to see them from down Main Street where I was so not sure if they were better/worse or the same as previous ones. I will definitely have to watch from a better vantage point. That is one of the objectives of this new show is to try and offer unique experiences throughout the park so you want to watch from various locations and not all crowded onto Main Street. For example in New Orleans Square the Fantasmic screens and some effects will be used (I will experience this tomorrow night) or projections out on it's a Small World.

  • Here are my pictures and video from this performance on May 21, 2015


My first impressions from May 22, 2015 watching the show from the Pirates Bridge in the Fantasmic viewing area:

  • Disneyland Forever from here was good. You had a great view of the fireworks and the Fantasmic water screens run the entire show showing similar footage to what you see on Main Street. Also they fire off some shells from the Fantasmic points which adds to the show. I was really surprised they only had snow machines on the light towers... so that fell a little flat during Let it Go.

  • If you did not know what you were missing on Main Street this was a very solid alternative experience. It was a step up from the average fireworks show. Unfortunately you do not get the immersion effect and miss out on some rather well done effects. I think for repeat viewing and to get a different perspective it works but if you want to really experience the show out of the two locations I have tried so far Main Street is head and shoulders above Fantasmic.

  • Here are my pictures and video from the May 22, 2015 performance viewed from Fantasmic area.

My first impressions from June 26, 2015 watching the show from near it's a Small World:

  • I wanted to see how Disneyland Forever was from near it's a Small World. So after the 8:15pm pre parade stop by the All-American College Band I staked out a spot for Paint the Night and for Disneyland Forever. I was in the second standing row on the first terrace behind the reserved viewing areas for Paint the Night. The view of the parade from here was ok, but a lot of obstructions for clear pictures. The audio was great and well lined up compared to other locations I have been in so far. Cast Members warned us to stay put if we wanted to watch the fireworks. Everyone on the other side and anyone venturing into the parade route will be pushed down the Parade Route. They set up a rope line near that went straight across from the Fantasy Faire gift shop more or less. So right at the point the narrow part of the walkway starts to widen. The view of the projections on Small World from where I was seemed ok. The Small World sign was in the way but not too bad. Most of the fireworks though were off to the left so you had to choose what to look at.. projections or fireworks. The trees blocked my view of the Castle and Matterhorn so I could not see anything but light from those parts of the show. The projections themselves were fairly bright and clear. Not Once Upon a Time clarity but still decent.

  • After seeing Disneyland Forever from a couple of spots on Main Street, Fantasmic, and now Small World I have tried most of the viewing angle angles.. the only one left is from in front of the castle or hub to see the projections there up close and the Matterhorn. That is on my list for a future visit. Out of the places I have seen the show from Main Street from just short of Center Street is the most impressive to me. You have several buildings in front of you with projections, the Castle is sort of visible and the fireworks look good from there too. Small World was a nice projection show and if they ever run the show without fireworks its a great spot.



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