Believe There's Magic in the Stars

This Disney fireworks show is by far the best I have seen so far. The show has a great combination of effects, music, and timing. It is a computer controlled show (sponsored, sorry I mean powered, by Compaq.. I mean HP). Disney fireworks shows are usually show-stoppers, but this one tops the cake.


The show runs nightly during the summer and holiday periods, during other times of the year it has run Friday and Saturday nights only. Be sure to constult Disneyland's official website for scheduled days and times.


The Geek's Suggestions

You must see this show. There are several good places to view the show from. Here is a list and what I think of a couple of them (this is not a complete list, just a few that I enjoy):

  • Main Street: I think this is the best spot for first time viewers. You get the "full effect" of the show. All the shells are "centered" around the castle and the picture is incredible. Also there are some lighting effects on the castle. There are even a few shells that are shot off of the castle. And keep your eyes pealed for the Blue Fairy.
  • Small World Mall: Actually you want to be on the walkway that leads to Toontown, just short of the railroad tracks on the Small World Side. It is sometimes hard to hear the soundtrack from this location, but you are looking almost straight up at the fireworks and its a great view (especially if you can lay down on the ground, which happens on less crowded evenings).
  • Innoventions (second floor balcony): The view from up here used to be better before they put the banners up on the building, but its still pretty good. You get a clear shot of the fireworks.
  • Fantasmic Viewing area: The sound system in this area of the park is incredible and adds a little extra to the show. Unfortunately you have a hard time seeing Tinker Bell and seeing the castle effects. You do have a really cool "frame" for the fireworks with Thunder mountain in the forground and the fireworks above it reflecting in the Rivers of America.
  • Mickey & Friends parking structure: This is really a unique perspective of the show. You can actually see the shells being launched and hearing it, which is interesting because Disney uses compressed air for most of the shells. The drawback is you cannot hear the sound track (which can be remidied by bringing along a CD and a boombox, remember this is
  • Grand Californian Hotel: I have not seen the show from here, but you should get an awesome view. They positioned the concierge lounge to look towards Disneyland so you would have a great view.
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