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Daisy's Diner - Closed  

This location is currently closed

Located in: Disneyland - Mickey's Toontown

Disney Description: Drop by this walk-up window for personal pizzas with your choice of cheese or pepperoni and cold beverages to wash 'em down. Get a soft drink-filled souvenir sipper cup for your little Daisy or Donald and sit outdoors by Toontown City Hall.

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Exterior (2016-07-08)

Menu (2019-11-01)

Menu (2018-10-05)

Menu (2018-05-25)

Menu (2016-09-16) Zootopia Tumbler

Menu (2016-04-01)

Menu (2014-09-12)

Menu (2014-05-30)

Menu (2014-05-30)


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