Toon Studio

Toon Studio is a shell of its former self. In 2021 the Worlds of Pixar was formed taking almost all the attractions from this land.


Attractions & Entertainment Venues
Current Attractions:
  • Les Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah (Opened: Mar 16, 2002)
Current Entertainment:
  • Mickey and the Magician (Seasonal) (Opened: Jul 02, 2016)
Retired Attractions:
  • Art of Disney Animation (Mar 16, 2002 - Jan 06, 2019)
  • Animagique (Mar 16, 2002 - Jan 31, 2016)


  • The Disney Animation Gallery

Restaurants & Refreshment
  • N/A

Geek's Thoughts & Observations
  • Animagique - This was a different Disney Character show experience utilizing black lights and characters.  Still not sure what I thought  of it beyond different. It is being replaced in 2016 with a new show, the last show was January 31, 2016

  • Art of Disney Animation - This was an interesting show.  You start off in a lobby that showcases some of the history of animation and early animation techniques as well as advances like the multi-plane camera.  Then you move into a small theater where they play a long montage of clips from Disney films over the years.  No introduction or context.  I kept thinking it was an intro then something would start.  It did not.  Then you moved on to the next room which is the Drawn to Animation Show that both Anaheim and Orlando had with Mushu interacting with a cast member on stage.   The live show is in French but you could put on a headphone for a taped show in a English, German or Spanish I believe.    They were playing a preview of Inside Out.. I was hoping for the Good Dinosaur or Zootopia.

  • Les Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah - This is your typical spinner attraction (Dumbo, Astro Orbitor, etc..) and is the same carpets as Walt Disney World. The set around them is different to fit in the movie set theme. The one time I had time and was in the area to ride it was down with a problem, so I never made it for a flight.


Geek's Pictures & Video

I visited Disneyland Paris in the Fall of 2015. Visit my 2015 Disneyland Paris trip summary page for links to all the picture & video sets.

September 29, 2015 - Walt Disney Studios Park

A morning walk through the park including a look at some of the Toon Studio areas.

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