Front Lot

The Frontlot is the entrance to the park. This includes some stores in the entrance courtyard and then the Studio 1 complex. There are no attractions here.


Attractions & Entertainment Venues
Current Attractions:
  • Disney Studio 1 (Opened: Mar 16, 2002)
  • Les Legendes d'Hollywood
  • Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals
  • Studio Photo
  • Walt Disney Studios Store

Restaurants & Refreshment
  • Restaurant en Coulisse

Geek's Thoughts & Observations

Disney Studio 1 - This large building houses what most Disney parks have on their Main Street or entrance area. This includes shopping, dining, and some guest services. I did appreciate having everything under a roof the day it was rainy and cool but the way it is set up and the facades constructed it gives a sub par or "cheap" feel compared. This is the "first scene" of the park and I think it does not set up the park well. Adding to this feeling during my trip in 2015 was the fact that the entrance courtyard was walled off for construction so you had to walk around the walls to enter Studio 1.



Geek's Pictures & Video

I visited Disneyland Paris in the Fall of 2015. Visit my 2015 Disneyland Paris trip summary page for links to all the picture & video sets.

Day 6 Part VI: Discoveryland

September 29, 2015 - Walt Disney Studios Park

My first visit to the Walt Disney Studios park. This picture set is of the first morning.


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