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April 14, 2018 - Day 6:
Travel to Tokyo

Today had a 5am wake up call due to an early flight.   Finished packing up and taking a couple final looks out across the lake at Shanghai Disneyland then headed to the lobby at 6:30am to meet our van to PVG.   We arrived at the airport just before 7am and had a 15 minute wait or so until the checkin counter opened.  Checked in, went through immigration and then headed for the lounge to wait for our flight.   They shifted the flight 10 minutes or so early on us.  Boarded a bus to our plane.  We left on time and arrived in Tokyo an hour early.   Waited in a long immigration line then picked up our suitcase and headed out find a bus to Disney.   Had to wait about 20 minutes for the next one.  Arrived at Tokyo Disney Resort just after 4:00pm.  Checked into our room and dropped our bags then headed for the Resort Line and Ikspairi and dinner.   Decided on TGI Fridays which had a long wait for a table (as would be expected on a Saturday night).  After dinner roamed around Iksparia a bit then visited the Disney Ambassador Hotel before boarding the resort line to return to the Sheraton to unpack and call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • Today we were up early on purpose.  We were being picked up at 6:45am to head for the airport and a 10:15am flight.  Awoke a took a couple final looks out across Wishing Star Lake before grabbing our bags and heading for the lobby.
  • The cast members in the lobby were great as you would expect. As soon as they saw us they offered a hand then one came over and verified who we were and that we were waiting for a van.  Guess we really stood out and we were on their list.  They said it would be here in a few minutes. 
  • Only hiccup of the morning is a Magic Kingdom Club Cast Member said there would be a to-go bag with some breakfast items since we were leaving before the Club opened.  There was not.  We did not press the issue as it was not something we asked for, but something they volunteered so we were curious what it would be.
  • The van arrived early, I think they called when we came down.  The drive to the airport was quick and straightforward.  This driver let one of us sit up front which made it a lot easier and more room for all. 
  • At the airport we arrived a little early and the ticket counter opens 3 hours before departure to check in and not a minute earlier.   So we had to wait.  Luckily there were only two people in front of us in the priority line so it was quick and easy.  The regular check in and bag drop line was about 20 people only.
  • The airline process took a little while for them to verify everything and issue lounge passes then we were on our way to Immigration/Customs.  This was a long and slow line.  It took us a long time to inch through it.  No problems with our paperwork and we were on to the next line, security. These lines were moving slowly too but much shorter.  They seemed more thorough than others, I had to completely empty my carryon for example.  Guess I had it packed to densely or something.
  • We finally made it to the lounge and it was hot (which is not uncommon in Asia, seems like it to be 80 degrees inside, and crowded on the first floor.  We went upstairs and our first location was a little less crowded but still hot then we discovered another half of the floor that was completely empty and comfortable so we set up camp there.   Downstairs they had some hot food items, but more Asian than Western and not that appealing to us.  There was some bread/croissants downstairs as well as upstairs.  It was not as fresh as the Disneyland Hotel’s selection but still something.
  • While we sat there we noticed on the board our flight time moved up 10 minutes or so.  That seemed odd.  We were supposed to board now at 9:25am so we headed for the gate at 9am arriving a few minutes later.  When we did there were several lines.  A Delta representative saw we were lost and took a look at our ticket and walked us up to board right away. Seems they had already started the business class boarding.   The plan was out on the tarmac, no gate, so we boarded a bus and then drove out to it and had to walk up the steps to board.    The process went fairly smoothly. 
  • The plane was an older 767 that could use some renovation.  The seats were an even older style than we had flying out.  This was a short flight so not worried.  We left on time and the pilot said we were going to be about an hour early.  I guess they really pad the flight times here?    He also said it would be a smooth trip and good weather in Tokyo.  The seatbelt sign was on almost the entire trip and we arrived to a light drizzle..  so one of three announcements was right.  
  • The only other noteworthy thing on the flight was again how poor Delta’s food service was.  I ordered the beef and it was barely cooked.   I asked the flight attendant if they could do anything and she shrugged and walked away.  She was not friendly, helpful or even interested in talking with me.  So my meal turned out to be a couple rolls.   I really wish you could select meals ahead of time.  Also I wish they would offer a more basic choice for those that don’t want a fancy sounding meal that tastes bad.. I bet a fair number of people would be very happy with a nice hamburger… and that seems like something that could be made on a plane relatively easily.
  • This wraps up my Shanghai trip.  The rest of the trip is available in the Tokyo Trip reports section.  Thanks for reading along and checking out the pictures and videos.  If you have any questions or would like me to expand or clarify anything please drop me an email or tweet.  Always happy to share my two cents.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 3.4
Steps 9,146
Moderate Steps 4,501
Moderate Steps/Time 41
Note most of this was in Tokyo

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