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Toy Story Hotel


Disney Description:
Toy Story Hotel transports guests into a toy-filled world of imagination, inspired by the Disney•Pixar series of “Toy Story” animated films. Located within Shanghai Disney Resort, the hotel has two themed wings – Sheriff Woody Wing and Buzz Lightyear Wing – each featuring whimsical rooms and playful amenities. The hotel is built for fun, with character greetings, a food court dining experience, water-play area, gift shop and family activity center.

The modern design features a vibrant exterior painted with cheery blue sky and puffy clouds, similar to Andy’s room from the classic Disney•Pixar movies. From there, guests step into a colorful lobby that comes alive with lenticular images of film characters Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. At every turn, Toy Story Hotel is a place for kids and all kids at heart.


Quick Facts
  • Toy Story Hotel offers guests a chance to stay in one of 800 guest rooms.
  • The open-air Woody Courtyard features a larger-than-life Woody aboard his trusty horse Bullseye, while an oversized Buzz Lightyear greets guests in the Buzz Lightyear Courtyard.
  • The elevators offer guests a fun surprise. In the Sheriff Woody Wing, guests will hear Woody and Jessie provide greetings on each floor. Buzz Lightyear and the Aliens do the same in the Buzz Lightyear Wing elevators.
  • For dining, guests may enjoy Sunnyside Café, which offers tasty meals throughout the day, or pick up snacks and beverages at Sunnyside Market.
  • The Launch Pad water-play area features the comical green Aliens with their toy rocket ship.
  • The merchandise shop is inspired by Lotso, the hug-loving, Lots-o’Huggin bear from the animated film, “Toy Story 3.” The shop offers an assortment of souvenirs, gifts, clothing and more.
  • The hotel’s family activity center known as The Playroom, offers Disney•Pixar -themed activities, crafts, games and story readings.
  • Rooms are available with a garden, courtyard or theme park view.
  • For added convenience, merchandise purchased in the theme park can be delivered right to aguest’s hotel room, at no extra charge.
  • Guests may also drop off luggage at the main entrance of the theme park or at the hotel, to be delivered to their rooms.
  • Hotel guests have guaranteed theme park access every day of their stay, as well as priority access during peak times (purchase of theme park admission is required). In addition, hotel guests will enjoy early access to the recreational amenities at Wishing Star Park.
  • The hotel sells admission tickets to the Shanghai Disneyland theme park. All ticket types are available for purchase and registered hotel guests are guaranteed admission upon purchase
Geek's Thoughts

It was a short shuttle bus ride away (we could have walked but opted not to because of the rain).   The Hotel had a much busier feel than the Disneyland Hotel, it is about double the size, 800 rooms vs 420.   The exterior design of the building was odd to us.  One in our group thought it had a prison vibe to it being a very straight building with no balconies.  Another said office building came to mind.   When you get around to the entrance it feels very much like the Value Resorts at Walt Disney World to me.   We did not get to see a room but walked around the common spaces taking a look at the two courtyards that featured oversized characters and then the dining area.    It has some nice elements but overall I was happy we choose the Disneyland Hotel.


Geek's Pictures & Video
Shanghai Disneyland - Day 4 - Part II Toy Story Hotel

A look around the Toy Story Hotel

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